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Chinese Students Come to USA Colleges and Flunk Out- High Drop Out Rate

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 4, 2013

China has a problem with the truth. This has led them to fabricate everything from test results to high school grades. By fabricating such things they can gain acceptance into colleges of civilized countries. This does not, however, mean they will have success.

As a matter of fact, Chinese are flunking out of prestigious universities at an astronomical rate. The drop out rate of Chinese at the 14 top universities is over 25%.

The problem is that commie cash, ie money stolen via land grabs and bribes, allows them to pay for falsified tests which gains them entrance into schools. Once there, however, made-in-China DNA takes over and the students suck and then fail.

They then transfer to smaller schools and litter the dorms with Chinese food and their underwear and generally make pigs of themselves, just like they do back home.

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