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Comment from Xinjiang on Chinese Invasion

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 4, 2013

Here is a comment from a person living in Xinjiang, China. He shows his feelings on the Chinese occupation of his land.

“Our country is occupied , raped and invaded by the Han from 1950 onward . That is the simple truth , no amount of Chinese concoctions of history makes us Chinese or part of China , nothing is common and most important we Xinjinese don’t want to be part of China. My Grandfather never saw a Chinese in his life . This is true of other occupied people like the Tibetans and the Mongolians as well as the Hui and several people living on the Burmese border . Chinese people in China and outside repeat this nonsense of Xinjiang , Tibet and Mongolia being part of China , it is sheer nonsense . Black Africa better watch out they will soon claim you are part of the Yellow Empire . Pakistan, Sri Lanka , North Korea already are . They will learn to regret it .”

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