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Commie Camp Brainwashing Kids in China-Communist Sign in Elementary School

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 4, 2013

The communist party of China does nothing without getting a payback, they are manipulative to the nth degree. It is no exaggeration to say that each TV show, movie and news item is carefully selected to encourage some type of behavior and ingratiate the party to the masses.

The communist party, called ‘gong chang don’ has a sub dermal presence which is everywhere, if you understand Chinese. What I mean is that everywhere are signs proclaiming the good of the party, telling you not to kill baby girls and telling you to abort your spare children. But, like I said, they only do so in Chinese.

This sign is at the Huangchenggen School and in essence says that kids hearts look to the communist party for guidance and inherit its classical works.

Yeah, the commies are co-opting the kids as early as possible.

One Response to “Commie Camp Brainwashing Kids in China-Communist Sign in Elementary School”

  1. vanoc1 said

    This is why I want to get my half brother and half sister out of this stinky country. It’s well…. stinky. I want them to go to scouts and participate in typical youthful pastimes, instead of having to worry about the next stinky Chinese old man with no teeth who will jump out of the bushes and Freddy Kruger them to death (Freddy Kruger an American horror boogeyman character, a dream demon who kills school kids). I want my them to do geeky things like play computer and just hang around others. Instead of having to worry about Rat Poison Dushuqiang contaminating their food, because some rival school is jealous, or some shit (oh yeah these are 100% real and are in my death memorial registry). Yes yes I know I know I’ll get it on line soon lol).

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