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Buy American-Made in America Sunglasses

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 5, 2013

Here is the ‘ Buy American’ product of the week.

“Buy American Mention of the Week

July 3, 2013

American-made sunglasses under 25 bucks!

By Roger Simmermaker

When is the last time you saw a pair of American-made sunglasses? And when was the last time you saw them for under $25.00? My guess is probably never.

Right now, for a limited time only while supplies last, you can get quality American-made, union-made sunglasses with 400 UV Protection, shatterproof poly-carbonate lenses, comfort-grip adjustable arms, all for just $24.95! They even come with a micro-fiber carrying case!

These RL Viper Sunglasses were made in a very high-quantity for a United Steelworkers Union promotion. Too many were produced, however, resulting in a limited quantity of overstock. And now the sunglasses that remain can be offered to you at a very special close-out price.”

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