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China’s Urbanization Plan, Last Chance for Communist Thievery

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 5, 2013

China is controlled by kleptocrats whose job it is to instill fear in the masses, steal their land and their children and then flee the country. This has been such a successful practice that those same communists have taken over one trillion U$ dollars over the past few years. Yes, those are your new neighbors, my friends in Canada, England, USA and the rest of Europe.

The last round of theft was spurred on by the travesty of China holding the Olympics which was an Olympic-sized scam. The event was supposed to push Beijing towards being a responsible part of the world- a thing China has never really done.

As a consequence of this travesty, the Chinese communists stole land and killed a great number of Chinese, just so they could pad their own pockets with illicit cash. They then sent their one child duds overseas and either followed them or hoped to do so.

Selling land is an integral part of China’s GDP growth engine. The communist party members literally steal land that its ‘owners’ do not give up and then auction it off at astronomical prices. They then use their illicit gains to invest in more land grabs and the vicious cycle continues.

Recently the economy has been stalling, money cannot be found in ATM’s and the general mood is onerous. Lacking skills in creating value and thus profits, the communist turn to what they know best, theft and deceit.

The free ride is over and now China is forced to compete like ‘big boys and girls’ and they cannot. Their schools were ravaged by Mao, and due to the western orgasm which ‘gooed’ its way into Chinese businesses, the Chinese have never been made to operate by rules of logic or law. This is changing now that the economy is slowing down.

The communists realize that the glory days are over and are as addicted to easy cash as Whitney was to crack. They crave it and will do anything in order to obtain it. Their last recourse is to steal and sell land.

The recent urbanization push is little more than a last ditch attempt at freeing up land in order to sell, and siphon off profits. The plan is to spend one trillion civilized dollars to put more Chinese into cities. What this really means is that about 250 billion of those dollars will go into the pockets of guys like Comrade Xi Jingping, Li Keqiang, Grandtheft Wen and all their progeny. Just as they did in imperial China, the wealthy will steal from the masses in order to get rich. This plan enables and encourages such theft.

Deceit is so prevalent in China that ‘truth’ is now extinct.

The National Development and Reform Commission and a dozen ministries and government departments have been drafting a national plan for urbanization. It is expected to involve spending of more than US$ 6.5 trillion.

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