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Chinese Cities to Become Slums

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 7, 2013

Great article here, it talks about how poor quality and unclear land ownership policies will create an exodus from China’s city centers. The people who move in will be poor and desperate, creating inner city slums. The monied, aka communist party thieves, will take their money outside the cities. What will be left will be nothing short of the worst tenement apartments one could imagine. Soon drugs, theft and crime will cripple the towns.


Although not included in the January study, the team of researchers drew the conclusion that property in the center of Chinese cities would likely become slums, according to Zhu Guozhong, a professor at Peking University, who co-authored the study with Dale-Johnson.

Few buildings in Chinese cities will last 70 year, or to the end of the land lease. The average lifespan for construction works today in China is between 25 to 35 years. Without proper maintenance, it’s possible that homeowners will ditch their properties in cores of cities and head for the outskirts of town.

“These structures would just be occupied by the poor,” Zhu said. “Likely, those would be the ghettos in China.”


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