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Chinese Saber Rattling

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 7, 2013

Some Chinese General, aka a dud whose dad killed enough of his compatriots that the Chinese owe him a spot, is rattling sabers at the USA. The funny thing is that Chinese talking about war are like kittens tussling, its so cute. The chinese have only been good at exterminating one another, thus acting as if they will man up against us is beyond insane…


Next, Luo chose to answer a question about his appearances on glitzy Hunan TV variety shows aimed at kids. In response, he repeated, almost word-for-word, a line from his Southern Windowprofile published last year: the young masses love national defense, and have “patriotic potential” that just needs to be stimulated and mobilized. Luo makes the point that “simple preaching is no good”, and calls for the embedding of teaching within entertainment, the use of emotional appeals, and unspecified “new methods”. This range of sophisticated propaganda tactics contrasts sharply with Luo’s simplistic strategic policy suggestions.


Political work rather than policy competition?

There were plenty of other highlights such as criticism of corruption in the military, conspiracy theories regarding the attacks he suffered on Weibo and, on the question of how to respond to US cyber warfare attacks, recommending ”adoption of the barbarian’s strengths to defeat the barbarian 师夷长技以制夷”. But the part i found the most fascinating was the final question and answer:

Huanqiu netizen: How can “hawks” and “doves” cooperate effectively to safeguard China’s national interest?

Luo Yuan: The way of the word and the weapon.[2] Design at the highest level must be done properly, with the division of labour following from the overall objectives of the state, with some singing the villain role 唱白脸, others singing the honest minister role 唱红脸…

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