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Chinese Army Admits The One-Child Policy People Suck

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 8, 2013

China’s PLA is long on talk and short on balls. They lost ten to our one back in Korea, and sold opium and hid from the Japanese while their country burned. The impact is that the commies of today are cowardly sons and daughters of their diseased grandfolks.

Oh, but anyway the PLA says they do not have qualified people to make good soldiers.

Twenty percent of all the people on the planet live in China and they do not have enough studs to make a military?

The army now has a more difficult time recruiting new military personnel. In 2008, there were about 560,000 teenagers eligible to join the military. In 2012, the number was almost halved to 300,000. “If China’s birth rate continues to be low, it will be a serious threat to the future development of our military,” said a PLA officer.
Discipline has also taken a hit within the ranks. Young soldiers filing in are part of the “little emperors, little princesses” generation of pampered only-childs. Many of them cannot endure the hardships of training and quit the service. One young recruit even tried to bring his walkman onto the field during a military exercise.”

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