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Learn Chinese and Live a Life of Hell

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 8, 2013

Here is a comment by a person we will call Ms. R, she posted in reply to the comment where a guy said the Chinese were basically impossible to deal with in hotels. They complained the food was not good enough and then sneak down and raided the kitchen at night, after all, why pay for food, right?

Anyway, Ms R is commenting in regards to that so I will post it. The reason is that I live in hell and they block me from getting to accept the comments on my wordpress site…..

so, for now, here are the comments of Ms R, and if you read this, I truly feel your pain.

Ms. R….

“You’ve just told the story of why I hate myself for learning Chinese. On the one hand, its a skill that I would be stupid to leave off my resume; on the other, it pretty much guarantees that I will be the one saddled with those headaches whenever my company hosts Chinese businessmen. It has seriously put me in a place where the only question in my mind is whether to take Japanese or Korean lessons.
It’s the obnoxious sense xenophobia-driven nationalistic superiority (prevalent in China) that Chinese abroad have that set them apart from ‘bad tourists’ from other countries. It’s not that other countries don’t contribute tourists to the world who lack self-awareness, or expect their host country to act like their own, or antagonize locals for the fun of it, or get wasted and break laws, or destroy/pilfer artifacts…it’s just that Chinese travelers take so much pride in their behavior. There is some element of rural manners (ie, pissing in the street & spitting), but the smug entitlement of wealthier Chinese (a la, breaking into the kitchen of a 5* hotel and using up all the food intended for breakfast because they refused to eat a pricey dinner…since no food can ever match that of almighty China’s) is maddening.
The only times I have ever seen sober tourists push & shove their way down a huge line of airport security until someone yells in their face, then turn around and beam like a jackass at all the people they cut in front of…was when I made the grave mistakes of flying out of Bangkok and Phnom Penh during Chinese New Year. The only times I have seriously considered quitting my job (which I usually love) is when I have to manage asshole Chinese businessmen.”

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