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High Tech Chinese Warships Face off With Russia in War Games!- Pics

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 9, 2013

The vaunted Chinese navy which is best known for …um… er…. well. oh yeah, they bought an old tin from the Soviet Union after it collapsed and now call it an aircraft-less aircraft carrier.

But never let it be say that an absence of talent kept the Chinese from doing anything.

Anyho, the fierce Chinese, pictured here in their newest of sea-going stealth, square off against Russia’s cracker jack naval forces.

Actually, I kind of miss the old USSR, they had a modicum of class and moxy. It was cool to fear/respect/hate them. Now all we have are the Chinese, who are about as harmful as a pocket full of shit. Sure they stink you up a bit, but real damage, nah….

With killer Chinese tech, their boats will sink before launch, nukes will explode before takeoff and their soldiers use their weapons for clothes hangars, just like they did when the Japanese ate their lunch.

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