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Pecker-less in China- Go for Circumcision and Lose Your Penis

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 9, 2013

Chalk one up for China’s one-dud policy enforcement team. Those crazy chicoms will make sure you don’t have kids, one way or the other.

Take this guy, aka another person doomed to live in China, who went for a circumcision and ended up as a ‘she’. But let me explain…

Ok this guy, aka an idiot who trusted Chinese doctors, went to get a circumcision and the doctors, aka idiots who are only less dangerous than mela-milk, fouled up the procedure causing gangrene on the guy’s pecker. The doctors told him it was ok, after all, aren’t all dicks infused with moldy green coloring.

The patient, aka, idiot who did not get a second opinion, took the doctors, aka savages at their words and trusted their skill. He went back to them only to find out that he, just like 650,000,000 other Chinese guys, has no pecker. The only difference, of course is his had to be amputated.

Short version,
guy goes to doctor to get a circumcision, they foul up but don’t tell him and ask him to come back. Guy comes back, but its too late to save his pecker. He is no dick-less.

pic of the dick and dick

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