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Sentenced to Death off in Two Years in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 9, 2013

Some chicom boss got the ‘death penalty’, which like most things in China is a lie. This guy, who looks like he belongs in a subterranean burrow, stole billions of dollars while he was supposed to be building railroads. The result of his malfeasance is a wide swath of heavy machines which go very fast and will probably kill in the future.

Liu Zhijun, is the guilty party and was given the death penalty, but of course he is a chicom star and will be off in a few years. China has managed to foul up the law just as most things in this stink hole and thus ‘justice’ is neither swift nor just. Because the guy is a commie and has spread his wealth around, he knows where all the bones are buried, thus the communists cannot kill him, for he would squeal on his buddies. Consequently, the chicoms fear him almost as much as they fear Bo Xilai and Gu Kailai, and thus make a big thing of the ‘death sentence’ but do not readily reveal it was a ‘suspended death sentence’.

The difference is that death sentences are used against the poor, those who advocate democracy and the unborn. These people get a bullet to the skull and then are carved up so their organs can be sold. The suspended death sentence, which means ‘parole in a few years’, is saved for communist royalty, or the spawn of the communist party’s illegitimate climb to the top.Recipients of this ‘punishment’ will be free in a matter of years and then can enjoy new found citizenship in places like Canada and the USA..

This mole looking clod is just one example of a chicom who should be sizzling in old sparky as the Chinese cheer, but he will not.

This is ‘Chinese justice’.

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