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Suggest Constitutionalism and Get Fired in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 10, 2013

Some teacher in China, aka guy who gets paid to give students the test answers before the test, is going to lose his job because he suggested that China should follow their constitution. Yeah, China has a constitution which reads just like our own. The only difference, however, is that most of our leaders have read ours and have a fundamental idea of what it stands for, the Chinese have done no such thing. Thus, when a guy calls for China abiding by its constitution , the communists feel their reign of kleptocracy and terror will end and they start to jail and or disappear people.


Professor Xia Yeliang from Peking University’s School of Economics was recently warned by his superior that he may lose his position for suggesting the Communist Party launch constitutional democracy in the nation, reports Hong Kong’s Ming Pao.

Now, apparently for criticisms on his Weibo microblog account of China’s socialist system, the Communist Party and the ‘China Dream’ expounded by President Xi Jinping, Xia was recently warned that the university will make a decision in September regarding his future.

Since no more than 700 people follow his Weibo account, Xia says he is amazed to see how scared and fragile the regime is. When it was suggested to him that he express his opinions through “normal channels” instead of the internet, Xia replied that he did not know what those channels might be. As Liu Yunshan is now even more senior than in 2009 as the first secretary of the party’s Central Secretariat, Xia believes there is a high possibility he will be dismissed.



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