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Foreigners Who LIke China are Idiots

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 11, 2013

Many Chinese are incredulous at the amount of foreigners who come here. What is more unbelievable to them is the the fact that some foreigners even like it here. To the locals such a thing is beyond belief.

When I first got here I could not understand how the Chinese could profess such love for their country and yet be so desperate to leave it. I also was flummoxed by their low image of any non-Chinese who actually liked this place. Now I know why this is true.

As foreigners we are told/brainwashed that China is the next big thing. This stems, in great part, from China’s economic prowess. But like most things here, that prowess is not something that the communists have engineered, but more of a function of the release of pent up demand. The Chinese like to say they have brought 600 million people from poverty, which is true. What is also true is that it was those same communists who had people living like the Flintstones up until fifteen years ago. Mao took their land, their possessions and self esteem and left them like beggars.

Since his death and subsequent trip to hell, all that Deng et al , did was to allow Chinese to buy stuff. And, as America has shown, buying stuff kicks an economy into overdrive.Thus, not only did this allow for value creation, but also brought real humans into China and their money.

The Chinese have since then been stealing both and giving little back, and therein lies the rub. The Chinese know how inhuman they are to one another. They have been ridiculed in public, had fetuses yanked from their wombs and been gunned or disappeared. They know how crooked this place is and the fact that EVERYTHING revolves around corruption. Families pay bribes to get kids in grade schools. Bribes are paid in hospitals, to teachers and to employers. Bribes buy official positions and anything else of value.

What the Chinese know is that this place has no credibility whatsoever. Degrees are bough, research is faked, SOE’s only work due to state intervention and anyone who does not know this is an idiot. At least this is how the Chinese think. I too know agree with them. What is the value of coming to learn about anything in China? Their schools are pathetic, their businesses do not operate by the rules of law nor man, so what is so compelling about this place?

The short answer is nothing. Aside from learning how to bribe, or hide one’s guilt when skirting the law, China has nothing to teach you. The Chinese knew this and now I do too. The place is a con, a big carnie where you pay a few bucks to win the big Teddy Bear, but the deck is stacked against you. The only life skills you hone are patience, perhaps some empathy and heaps of incredulity. What China has to offer the rest of the world is a dire warning. ‘If you foul up, disobey a higher power and laws, this is how you will end up.’

btw, the pic is some Chinese guy sampling the goods at an Ikea in Beijing.

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