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German Hotel Warns of Barbaric Chinese Tourists

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 13, 2013

Here is a great article from wantchinatimes.com. It speaks to the fact that Chinese tourists act like pigs, which is ok when they are in China, but disruptive when they are with civilized beings.

Some explain away disgusting Chinese habits like spitting on the floors in restaurants, burping and chewing food with hyena-like maws, as a recent trend. They claim that a bazillion years ago China exemplified hygiene, class and gentrification. To this I call Shenanigans!

I have read tons about this snake pit, and as far as I can tell, things like hygiene and civility have never been a part of this country. They have focused on drawing, singing and killing baby girls, yes those are cultural artifacts, but nothing else.

I point out that up to 300 years ago, Chinese were know to have the most disgusting bathrooms, a tendency that exists today. Of course the Chinese do not admit this, but if one reads, they know it to be true. Also, if the Chinese were so proper for thousands of years, then why do they act like pigs today? Simply put, they have always acted this way and always will.

Oh shit, that was a big digression, here is the article…

A tourism editor published an article in German news magazine Der Spiegel on July 9 in which he described his experience of receiving a “Chinese warning” note from a hotel in Bavaria. The note warned guests to be prepared for the distinctive table manners and eating culture of Chinese tourists, reports the Global Times, an English-language newspaper published by People’s Daily.

The editor said he was told he might hear a large group of Chinese tourists eating breakfast between 6:30 and 7:30 am the following morning. The group would most likely eat noisily and burp freely, it said, suggesting that other guests should come down after 8 am if they wanted a quiet breakfast.

The editor said he saw Chinese tourists tapping on buns with a scoop and putting back food they had taken. Their English was hard to understand and they reportedly did not say thank you to servers. “I will be glad to see them leave,” the editor overheard a kitchen employee tell a German guest quietly.

The hotel manager told the editor that they receive fewer complaints about Chinese guests if they give guests a note in advance.

The article has drawn wide debate on the internet. “Racism! As a German, I feel embarrassed,” said a netizen called Phrasensport, while others agreed that Chinese tourists display bad manners and should try to improve their conduct. Other Chinese visitors in Germany said the hotel is making a big deal of the matter and would be less likely to receive their custom as a result.



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