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Comment Regarding Foreigners Paying Social Security Tax in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 14, 2013

Here is a great comment on realtimereport from the WSJ. The comment is a response to a Chinese shill’s comment about the fact that China is justified in charging foreigners social security tax- when they will never get social security in China. The Chinese shill did not understand the difference between income and social security tax, the commentor below then schools the shill..


  • 5:40 pm July 14, 2013
  • OODA loop STAT wrote:


Yes, but your the one with the intellectual brain fart my boy! In the United States, I believe foreigners with H1, L1, and green card visas only have to pay income tax, and are exempt from paying Social Security taxes unless they become a US citizen. While tax laws change very frequently in the US, I doubt this law has been augmented. In China, foreigners have to pay into both their US social security tax, and then, are forced by the commies to also pay into China’s social security fund. Basically, foreigners are being charged ‘double’ social security taxes because the Chicoms have no money in their social security fund.

You have to remember that foreigners from the US that arrive in China with a temporary work visa, still are being forced to pay into a Chinese social security fund after only six months in China. And guess what, such foreigners can only collect retirement benefits if they stay and work in China a minimum of 15 years! Since most Americans don’t stay longer than five years in China on a work visa, this means they are paying into a Chinese social security fund in which they will never see retirement benefits! So, besides paying income taxes, foreigners with a visa in China have to pay additional taxes into the commie social security fund as well!

“Shanghai-based law firm Haworth and Lexon estimated that a foreigner holding a working visa in Shanghai will pay a maximum 1,285 yuan ($198) per month to the central government after the Social Insurance Law goes into effect. In Beijing, a Chinese national pays between 1,000 yuan to 1,200 yuan a month.”

So sorry truth, you’re the one who needs to learn to read and learn how screwed up your CCP social security fund is; especially, when Beijing implements laws that foreigners with a visa has to pay added taxes into the bankrupt Chinese social security fund!

Tis deserves a Bazinga!

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