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China Vs. Japan- China Asking for an A$$ Beating

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 15, 2013

China’s economy is faltering and they do not know what to do about it. With half of recent college grads unable to get a job and foreign firms pulling out of China, things are getting serious. Add to this the problematic loans which Chinese firms took out in 2008 and beyond, and China’s future seems anything but secure.

The communist party has used nationalism and ‘made up threats’ at the hands of foreign powers, to coalesce the Chinese. They do this because the party has no legitimacy whatsoever. The communist rulers such as Comrade Xijinping, have never been elected into office, but chosen due to their ancesral ties to long dead former communists. To a certain extent the Chinese resent the fact that they cannot choose their leaders and htat they are not held accountable to man nor law.

To overcome this, the communists constantly keep the Chinese neurotic and in fear of foreign invasion. Interestingly enough, foreignes have never killed as many Chinese as the communist party has.

The problem now is that China is fanning the flames of nationalism versus the Japanese. Japans last two visits to China were a cake walk, and nothing seems to have changed since then. China is asking for a butt kicking, and they don’t even know it.

With the communists so far removed from reality, ie they do not even mix with the ‘commoner’, they have no idea of what China is capable. They figure that they have stolen enough US tech that their military is strong enough. We all know that ‘copied’ tech is not as good as the original, and thus the Chinese are at a server disadvantage.

Aside from China’s crappy military hardware, there is the problem of its soldiers. Chinese soldiers are not known for their ferocity, nor military acumen. Recent history shows this. Look at what happened in Korea, they lost ten men to every one American, which tells you how skill-less they are. The Japanese, on the other hand, are ferocious to the point of insanity. The reason we bombed them twice was because we feared how many people we would lose if we had to invade the island. And even after one nuke, the Japanese still flipped us the bird and said ‘bring it!’.

The Chinese, on the other hand, have shown little more than cowardice when attacked. They gave up boatloads of land to the Russians, Europeans and just about anyone who shoved a gun in their faces. When the KMT was fighting, at night they used their weapons to hold their drying clothes. The Japanese were amazed at such stupidity.

I do not know much about Japan, but if history tells us anything, the Chinese better be careful. Pretty soon they will be wearing pigtails as their Japanese masters once again take over their land.


In Japan, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s conservative party appears headed for an electoral victory in upper-house elections this month that would enable the nationalistic leader, if he chooses, to try to alter the antiwar Constitution so that Japan could maintain a regular army rather than a self-defense force. That would incense China and drastically alter the regional security architecture that is already shifting under the weight of China’s growing military strength.

The report said the Chinese had repeatedly intruded into Japan’s territorial waters and violated Japan’s airspace. It added that China resorted to “highhanded” tactics that were inconsistent with international law, and had taken “dangerous actions that could lead to unintended consequences.”

Underlining the unease in Japan about China’s military spending and technical progress, the report said the Chinese held a vast advantage in sheer numbers of vessels and planes. It estimated that China had 970 ships and 2,580 aircraft; Japan had 141 ships and 410 aircraft.
But China’s numerical superiority does not translate into operational superiority, said Prof. Bernard D. Cole of the National War College in Washington. The Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force remained ahead in technology, and the experience and expertise of its personnel were far better, Professor Cole said.

“It would depend on many factors, including location, weather and whether the incident was preplanned by one side,” he said. “That said, the Japanese maritime self-defense force remains superior to the People’s Liberation Army Navy.”


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