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Killing Whistleblowers and Gaming-News From The King

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 16, 2013

The King makes his return with an awesome rant about China, killing whistleblowers and Shanghai….

The King


Fuck you China…. We’re trying to recover from a flood, and you pull this shit on humanity? fuck you china fuck you fuck you china fuck you china fuck you china fuck you china fuck you china fuck you china fuck you china fuck you china fuck you china fuck you china fuck you china fuck you China fuck you China…..

PS I’m starting to play Star Wars old republic on line. as a Sith imperial…. Assassin, I made her look like a typical Chinese girl, the bangs with some cute little pig tails. And made her Callous as fuck. (read as a lovely China doll girl friend (you know the ones that put Rat poison in their food to kill themselves AND their entire family). I called her Dushuijiang (Rat Poison). And she’s a cold bitch… She fits in quite nicely on Hutt planet….. which oddly resembles SHANGHAI. Toxic Swamps, pollution, thugs of all kinds raping and murdering each other over 1 LOUSY credit. (currency in the Star Wars world), Slimy gangster like bosses (like look at all these misformed bodies, (heads, faces, and NOSES (especially the big black nostrels of the typical Chinese, and look at their head shapes), Do they not resemble the slug like gangsters, called Hutts from Star Wars (That big ugly freak who licks Princess Leia on Star Wars Return of the Jedi). Doesn’t that look like say Jaing Zemin, Deng Xiaoping, or Say a Taxi Cab driver that ferries you around… I am suffering from Post Traumatic stress disorder playing this game. Why? Because I’m stuck on Hutt Planet, fending off lazer blasts and explosions…. Yup….. I get to relive Shanghai in the comfort of my house in Suburbia, where all my fuzzy wuzzy blankets are trying to heal my broken mind….. FOrrrkkkk YOU CHINAAAAAAAAA

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