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Swimming in Piss- Public Pool in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 19, 2013

Call me a masochist, go ahead and say it…..

Ok, I admit it, I am a bit of a masochist, what else could explain wtf I just went swimming in China. Before I blogged about a guy who died after ingesting Chinese swimming pool sludge, aka water. It was found that the bacteria content of the pool was was a tad less than kimodo dragon saliva.

I also blogged that Chinese swimming pools are filthy because, surprise, surprise, Chinese do not want to spend money on non essentials such as chlorine. Despite all of this, I knowingly went swimming in China.

Let me paint a picture for you. Imagine a large basin filled with gelatinous yech which seems to be the love child of feces and pond scum. Well, that is paradise when compared to the gunk I am chiseling off my sculpted physique right now. The floor of the pool had the consistency of the back of satan’s tongue and the pleasant odor of my sack. My fellow swimmers made up for ignorance of life saving techniques and any semblance of floating, with a hailstorm of flapping, hooting, spitting and general chaos.

After spitting vile epithets for the better part of an hour, I was able to enjoy a good piss by a gaggle of annoying post 80 dbags. The highlight of my night was returning to my lair and penning this note.

I fear I have lost a bit of my physical prowess and was winded after taking a leak. Or perhaps even Superman would get fagged after trollng around that mucous.

3 Responses to “Swimming in Piss- Public Pool in China”

  1. vanoc1 said

    You know there might be ONE benifit for living in the big stinky… Then Zombie outbreak or Captain Trips (super flu pandemic from a US bio weapons lab on Steven King’s The Stand), breaks out, we’d be the survivors who heroically mows down hordes of zombies (unhealthy health fanatics, (who live the clean life, and are super healthy and if one microbe enters their bodies they die, like the Aliens from the movie “War of the Worlds)….. lol.

    Ahhhh fuck it….. China is a stinky stinky place of stinky stinky germs.

  2. Wtd said

    Kng, its me and we both know the only good thing about China is that it makes ABC seem so great. Leave here and go to Zambia and tou are like, ‘wow, Zambia is awesome!’

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