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Rats in Cages- 25 Chinese Share 80 Square Meter Apartment

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 21, 2013

China is home to the most morally repugnant business people on the planet. They shackle the disabled to brick kilns, steal and sell babies and do anything to make a buck. It was just reported that a Beijing landlord had rented 80 square meters of living space to be shared by 25 people!

Think about that again. Twenty five spitting, complaining, Chinese stuffed into 80 square meters, or the size of a living room in civilized countries, all stuffed together and sharing one restroom. Each person was allowed roughly 3 sq meters, or the girth of a very fat man, in which to live.

Of course, uncle chicom was upset by this and has passed a new law; each person must be allocated at least 5 sq meters in which to live.

Hmmm, ok, isn’t one of the problems about safety concerns? What I mean is that a structure is built with weight loads in mind and constructed accordingly. Assuming that the Chinese steal western ideas of load bearing and expected weight distribution when they design buildings, we can surmise that 100 meters of space would be engineered to hold a max of five to seven people and their junk. Ignore the fact that your typical Chinese, sans 7 pound spectacles, weighs no more than a paper cup, and you can see the potential for disaster. After all, this is not an isolated case. Chinese apartments are stuffed to the gills with too many people. I personally have been in houses divided into ten meter sections where up to twelve people live.

But back to the story…

Twenty five, almost humans stuffed into the space of a limousine and suspended several hundred feet into the air is another Chinese disaster waiting to happen. Mark my words, in the future you will see Chinese buildings collapsing because they are infested with five times the amount of people than they were designed to hold.

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