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Experts on China’s One-Child Policy Duds

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 22, 2013

Here is what the experts have to say about China’s one child duds…
“China’s one-child policy and patriarchal values have created a generation of spoiled children and dominant parenting methods. Parents obsess about their precious offspring to the point of escorting them to school and bringing them to work, never leaving them a moment of freedom, reports the Hubei-based Wuhan Evening News.
Many children from the one-child generation are burdened by this obsessive ‘love,’ especially males, long after they leave the house and start a life of their own.
A 53-year-old man surnamed Zhang from Wuhan, the capital of central China’s Hubei province, said his life was a prime example of such parenting, according to a report from the Wuhan Evening News. Zhang’s mother was a nurse and wanted everything to be perfect, Zhang said. She was the decision-maker of the family and was strict with her children. Zhang, being the only male in his family, has been spoiled since he was a boy, a trait which he counter-intuitively described as controlling, said the report.
“There are many bad people out there. Don’t trust strangers,” Zhang’s mother always used to tell him. He was afraid of making friends even when he was 30, let alone romantic relationships. Every penny he spent had to be reported to his mother. Even when he turned 40, he could still recall being punished for spending 1 yuan (US$0.2) more than he was alloted when he was in ninth grade.”


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