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Half of The World’s Worst Instant Noodles Come From China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 22, 2013

File this under, ‘ I am not shocked’

From wantchina times

Half of the products in a recent rating of the world’s ten worst instant noodles are from China, reports state-run news agency Xinhua.

The worst on the list is a chicken flavor instant noodle from Baijia Single Noble, according to the report. It is criticized for its oily soup, excessively soft noodles, and terrible tasting vegetables. Regarding the criticism, a spokesperson for Baijia Single Noble said that they disagree with the listing and stand by the product. Meanwhile, another of the instant noodle brands said that foreigners are not accustomed to Chinese tastes and people should not devalue products that are unfamiliar to them.

9 Responses to “Half of The World’s Worst Instant Noodles Come From China”

  1. pallmall said

    “Meanwhile, another of the instant noodle brands said that foreigners are not accustomed to Chinese tastes and people should not devalue products that are unfamiliar to them.”

    That’s a typical chinese ape wisdom and china-“logic” á la “oh did you care about your mother well who cut off your testicles? no? you are a bad man!! please cry. I like. Feel strong. I cook noodles for you, eat all and cry and my family beat all the bad foreigner who has such a white skin..we want it too! why you have? why not chinese???? so must kill to be more pretty-chinese. you play ball? car is red, plane go to windows? pay money. strong china. you speak english in waiguo? respect china. I have Ipad, speak english, i am chinese, modern now, now you want make fuck with me. you bad!!! go out of china. i go your country, you pay!!!”.

    Makes sense? Well this is seen on a daily basis in the people’s republic of excrements.

    Ok, back to logic and truth: “Chinese are not accustomed to natural food tastes, non-dead food without lazi, food without cancerous chemicals and human feces, truth, morale, innovation, honesty and humanity. Chinese people should not devalue products that are and will always be unfamiliar to them.”


    “Other than chinesanimals, human beings are not accustomed to chinese cancer food and human feces in food including garlic, vinegar, soya sauce, spicy shit in every fucking dish and humans MUST and WILL devalue chinese feces-products that are unfamiliar to human beings.”

    • Murderous Mao said

      Or the fact Mao is only 30% bad, even though he killed about 70 million Chinese. Nobody hates China more than Chinese.

    • Excellent points. In addition, one must not forget that the Chinese feasted on the bodies of one another during the great leap, in addition to eating anything that grew. Their taste buds and sense of what is ‘cuisine’ is definitely not inline with ours.

      Also, they use that excuse of ‘chinese characteristics’ which is a euphemism for ‘shut up and leave us alone’. This means that after they say this, they expect that any and all subhuman behavior should be excused.

      I love the term ‘People’s Republic of excrement’

  2. pallmall said

    • Two keys,
      1- Chinese guys hit like punks and the women are tougher
      2- That chick was pretty ballsy, she went after that guy and threw her panda sized arms at him.

    • H2O said

      chinese women are violent, total maniacs and brainless and they will hit ya back if you dont make daily kow tows. their “men” are just the same. they are quite primitive. well, here the bitch who did not obey traffic rules (hey this is china…who does) defended herself. i bet in a minute she would be the one to strike first. they are barbarians without culture or human characteristics. let these savages kill each oither. the less we have to deal with in the future

      notice that noone cares and defended the crazy chinese bitch or intervenes? this is china. i have seen it in guangzhou in 2012. a chinese rural farmer “landed” below a truck in a terrible accident. she had lots of vegetables on her tricycle. 1000’s! were standing around and staring there filming with their phones and they took /STOLE all the goods of that rural women off her tricycle while she was bleeding to death. noone stepped in to help and i was sued because i helped.during the hearing a chinese ape said that as a foreigner i should not help and have no right to act like a human because this is china and i should not think that i am something better than chinese. excuse me what?? there is no logic and meaning in that statement.

      u can really get brain cancer in this shitcountry. the injured women sued me too. i had to pay and apologize to the chinese people as a whole or face deportation and the taking of my company. excuse me? apoliogize that i acted like a human and helped? what has my compnay to do with the fact that i HELPED the woman, while no other chinese did? i might saved her life and they fucking threatened me? oh how sick…..the judge smiled like in a big triumph over the bad bad foreigner. he smiled all over his shitbrown orang-utan face.. his teeth were stained with nicotin and brown. hell i think he believed that he spoke out LAW. “law” with chinese characteristics.

      next time i will only help westerners or something more worth than chinese: animals. if chinese are involved they can fucking die. they deserve no better.

      u r not living among humans in china. u better realize that. dont help.

      the sooner u fucking leave this sick neurotic inferiority complex driven hateful corrupt shithole called china the better. they deserve nothing. china – where humanity and reason is totally perverted and where inferiority complex and lazyness and cowardice and weakness is made a virtue and hate against humanity and basic human laws and greed and perversion are chinas “way of life”..

      • Agree, my friend stopped to help a guy who had been hit and his skull was cracked. He held the guy as the Chinese drove by doing nothing. They act like monsters in how they treat people. Whats worse, they now allow us to be kidnapped if we ‘owe’ money to a Chinese supplier. It is time to leave.

  3. Murderous Mao said

    Haha , typical Chinese pussy. The chick kicked his stupid ass. I cannot wait to see the Phils or Vietnam fight the Chinese less than men.

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