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Brutal Reality of Buying a Home in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 26, 2013

The communists in China have ensured that their pockets will be laced with gold as they stole the land from farmers and then built houses upon it, ensuring their fortunes. Eighty percent of Chinese millionaires and billionaires got rich off real estate ie, land grabs.

Here is an example of the brutal reality of buying a home in China, from The China Enigma- an Inspector Chen Novel

It would take three million yuan
to buy an apartment of one hundred square meters
in an acceptable location in Shanghai,
therefore, for a farmer tilling three acres,
at the average income of eight thousand yuan per year,
he would have to work from the Ming dynasty to the present,
not calculating in the possibility of natural disasters;
for a worker, with a twenty-five hundred yuan monthly income, he would have to work from the Opium War in the Qing dynasty, with no holiday, weekend, or any break whatsoever;
for a white collar, with sixty thousand as his yearly salary, he would have to start working in 1950,
without eating or spending anything;
and for a hooker, she would have to fuck ten thousand times, every day, with no interruption
even during her period, moaning, groaning, writhing,
from the day she turned sixteen to the age of fifty-five,
and all that without including the necessary expenses
for decoration, furniture, and electronics for the room.

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