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An American in China

China’s USA Envy

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 26, 2013

Each day the chicom press bashes the USA, which in great part stems from their envy of our greatness. It is also a Mao’ist legacy of creating an enemy with which which to wage war. The strategy is ineffective but not for lack of trying.

China’s preoccupation with us means that their news has such an American focus that if they were speaking English you would never think it to be coming from communist China.

All the people here, also want to send their one dud kids to our land, or Canada, and they seek citizenship there as well.

In the Chinese gaokao or college entrance test in Chongqing this year their essay asked the following question: how would the world be different today if Edison had not discovered electricity.

The freaking Chinese are so bereft of innovation and value add to the world that they have to ask questions about American and not Chinese inventors…

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