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Germans Selling out to China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 26, 2013

From the book, For a Song and One Hundred Songs

A series of twelve photos by a well-known German photographer was planned to be part of a German-Chinese group exhibition; after the Chinese censor intervened, only two of the photos remained. And that interference was accepted by the curators as well as the German artist. During Pasternak’s day such obstruction required intrigue, secret service plots, and pressure applied by various delegations. Today German business leaders are simply blinded by their financial statements, to the point where they’re willing to look the other way when it comes to human rights violations. Even some German writers are blinded by Chinese flattery.

2 Responses to “Germans Selling out to China”

  1. germany_europe said

    Yes, you are right somehow. i noticed blinded stupid chinese lovers among germans journalists and common german commenters on german newspapers (like on spiegel.de). i guess they have just fucked wet chinese holes aka chinese prostitutes for a too long time.

    China uses vaginas to address the lowest human insticts and manipulates human logic by that. (have you ever seen biz negotiations without chinese prostitutes in china?)

    Germany as a whole is FAR more advanced than china. No doubt about that. What is happening here is that some german whore fuckers aka journalists and idots cum into chinese pussies and they, therefore fall in love with a murderous system called “china”.

    China represents the lowest form of human kind today, they are super inferior, a clear weak race, which wants to be superiorwith lies and fireworks but can never achieve that state. racially, they are inferior.

    Imagine chinese “rule” over this world. That would be like switching back civilization to 1500 B.C.!(!). Lots of german journalists and idiots don’t realize that.

    • Actually it is not just the Germans. What you said has two key points.
      1- The world, or at least men, are being ensnared by the free Chinese cooz and letting impact their decisions. This is leading to a degradation in quality for all humans.
      2-This is your best point.
      The world is being thrust back into the dark ages by engaging China. Look at how they are killing human rights, quality of goods sold, education vis a vis Confucius institutes. The world is also allowing commie policies to shape what how they deal with foreign countries, look at Taiwan for instance.
      Lastly, the chicoms are financing the world’s most oppressive governments which is not in the best interests of anyone. Interestingly enough, Myanmar told them to fk off, which was cool.

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