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Difference Between China and Hong Kong

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 29, 2013

If anyone ever wants to know how horrible communism is, then just visit the big stinky, aka China for a few hours, then spend time in Hong Kong….wtf?


Here is the deal, Chinese bark into phones, impregnate milk with poison and sell rat meat for lamb. They think it is honorable to lie, and support the most dictatorial fascists in the world. they cannot comprehend electronics, and have massive death at the hands of elevators and escalators. They kill priests , nuns and Buddhists , all due to Mao and or communism.


They cannot drive, speak proper Mandarin nor English and their educational system is a farce. The face of the world’s greatest killer adorns almost all their money and people pray to this man. They act rude and ignorant and generally are a menace.


In Contrast, Hong konger’s are just like we are. Sure the place is crowded, has triads etc. but HK’ers have class. As a matter of fact, you can tell the mainlanders the minute you enter into HK, they are the idiots. The one’s with fritzy hair piled up like a poodle, seven kilo Kim Jung Il glasses, and swish their liliputian hips like women, now for the women: they dress in noveau hooker wear which they think is appealing, but from a man’s point of view, skimpy skirts cannot cover up the protracted hacking of phlegm balls, the ‘trucker walk’ they all have and the non-existent T and A. Interestingly enough, the men look and act more like women and the women look and act more like…. well…. like some alternate life form whose sole goal is to consume and encase themselves in luxury goods while living like farm animals.


The bottom line is that China has lost any culture it once had and in its place is a festering pool of communist kleptocracy where everyone’s goal is to escape.


But as Pall Mall noted, China’s presence is  impacting us all . What this means is that the HK youth are being filled with commie trash and lies. Each morning the China Daily is under your hotel door, Mao’ist lies waiting to be digested. The rise of China is indeed the death of the rest of us.


Think of it like this, it is a fact that when pooled together, the weak pull down the strong and not vice versa. What this means is that by allowing China to play with the rest of the world, it is we who will degrade into doddering peasants who dine on the meat of rodents as the world seeks a new equilibrium whereby the Chinese live a little better and we live like gutter rats. If you do not believe me, then just visit the ‘real’ China for a few days.


Oh yeah, one of the deceased in this pic is from the USA,

Beijing has killed at least five Americans over the past 365 days, and kidnapped at least one prominent businessman. What are you being told about this? Nothing, the reason is that if you knew the brutal reality of China you would demand our companies leave, or maybe not. Perhaps you are too worried about your ‘stock plan’ and such things as human rights are a non-issue. If this is the case, then you too deserve to live like the Chinese, as a matter of fact, why don’t you plan to retire here as well. If you do then take a good look at the pic and see how appealing that prospect is.

China is a brutal dictatorship which is not ready for prime time. The lie about them getting better and miraculously choosing democracy is a farce. They have been bucking the worl-wide trend of democracy ever since Deng the Devil sprayed heavy metal on those innocent people back in 1989. Worse yet, the new one-dud policy probably do not even want democracy which means within the next few generations little if anything will change.



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