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Lazy Chinese

Posted by w_thames_the_d on July 31, 2013

I was going to rant about this pic, even though I have posted it several times before. To me it just epitomizes China. Some guy who was taught to love Mao more than his mom and dad and whose work ethic revolved around dodging responsibility and blaming the west for the ills of the motherland, has decided to curl up and snooze on an Ikea sofa, wtf?

The Chinese are odd about things like boundaries. Ask a counselor what boundaries are and they’d tell you like this,’thats the line that your uncle crossed when he installed the minicam in your washroom’… oh but I digress.

In any event, healthy boundaries are those borders that separate me from you. You don’t touch my stuff and I don’t pop you in the kisser, that is what healthy boundaries are.

In China, no such boundaries exist. Your comrade-dad in law walks in while you are shittin’ and brushes his teeth as if it were the most natural thing to do. Even though I am not married to a Chinese woman, I have had enough experience with the ‘strain’ that I speak from experience. Aside from that, the she-comrades feel it is their Mao-given right to opine about you, your life, your work, your mom, dad, tie, shoes, socks, hairstyle, eating habits, well you get the point. It’s as if they have no idea where they and ‘I’ begin.

Perhaps its due to Confucius who aside from declaring open war on little girl fetuses, taught the Chinese that the ‘I’ does not exist. He did this so he could attach a pin cam into his nieces and nephews wash room, after all, he would say ‘We are really just one in the same being’.

Aside from his Mao-ist predilections for prepubescent flesh, he taught the Chinese to shut up, and suck up to the man. As a consequence, Chinese have no idea of what functional boundaries are. They stare at you, your clothes, your car, mom , dad, hair, nose, package. They read from your phone as they burp into your ear while almost molesting you from behind in the subway carriage. And all the while, those crazy chicoms have no idea just how insane 999,999999477478484899999999% of their behavior patterns are.

They assume that jacking your shirt up to your nipples while digging fuzz from your navel is ‘practicing good hygiene’. They hoark up phlegm and launch it in the way of passers by, after all, it is not good to have that stuff in their mandarin orange maw.

They even think it makes sense to worship mass murderers, but then again, if I hated them as much as they hate themselves, I’d probably worship Mao too. At the end of the day you just have to look at them, shake your head, and vote to repeal any pro-China laws and immigration regs….

2 Responses to “Lazy Chinese”

  1. Hong Kong said

    Chinese are mostly an embarrassment to themselves.

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