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China Knocks Off Pee Wee Herman

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 2, 2013

Tell me this guy does not look like Spermin Pee Wee Herman

4 Responses to “China Knocks Off Pee Wee Herman”

  1. Hong Kong said

    Mainland locusts are ruining Hong Kong. We need to be saved.

    • Call the Brits?

    • H2O said

      mainland tourists also ruining macao with their feces. call the portuguese. 1 portuguese army division is enough.

      • HK too, there they act like monkeys, also in NyC I see some fu er dai trash, cashed up up on money their chicom folks killed farmers for. When I was there last A almost bowled one over but he doesn’t have the ballz to say anything back. Also in HK when I saw them I’d beeline into them and they turn to butter.

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