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China Ruins Sunshine

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 2, 2013

China can pretty much ruin anything, even sunshine. Here is proof….

Yeah, that is smog.

4 Responses to “China Ruins Sunshine”

  1. H2O said

    that is not smog. its natural healthy fog. cctv said that yesterday.

    • When I first got here that is what they told me all the time. They said it was ‘fog’… Yeah, fog causes ling cancer, right?

      • H2O said

        lol right. there was also a report in a channel here saying that all bad air comes from western countries and laowais are to be blamed for the bad air. china needs to be deleted from the world. the ridiculity in china has reached heights that are just totally inacceptable. wipe out china and its useless people. clean the world.

      • Ae you here now? Dnt you sense the insane xenophobia and foreign firm bashing. In addition they dont want to give us visas.

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