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China Taking DNA of Foreigners Now

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 4, 2013

This is scary. A guy is married to a Chinese woman and had to give up his DNA in order to get a visa. The last thing I want is for the crazy chicoms to get a slug of my own DNA.

“Well, my experience is this… I’ve lived in Shenzhen for 11 years (have not left the mainland for more than a month per year in the last 6), have been married for just over 5 to a local citizen and can tell you the whole marriage = long term visa / permanent (ID) residence / eligible to work as is with local citizens thing we’ve all heard about is a myth. At least if you’re 100% legit and going through the proper Govt. departments that is. I’ve always had to get 1 year L visa’s (fortunately I own a company/bank in the states and have never worked a day in China). After 5 years of dating, when we initially married we traveled back to her hometown to do so and included in the application was a medical and criminal background check. All official, all good. Next time around – L visa again. Going on 6 years now, still L visa.

Apparently the new laws are aimed at illegals (living/working in China) and helping those of us playing by the rules to make (visa) life easier. Not so sure about that.. now that my current visa will expire in a week I’m being told (my wife stopped by the SZ Govt. dept to be sure beforehand) that I can no longer get a one year L visa as per usual… now it’s the same price for the same type of 6 month visa (940 RMB I think it is) – if I want a 1 year visa I’ll need to go to the Govt. approved hospital for a full physical and blood work EVERY year. Seriously!? Been there done that once already, not a good experience at all (dirty overcrowded hospital, looky-loos, pokey needles and everything lol…), no thanks.

Anyway, so much for the easier visa/residence process for us legit expats. Looks like every 5 1/2 months I’ll have to pay 940 RMB for the L visa.

Oh and FYI for whatever reason apparently they’re now also finger printing foreigners. Awesome.”



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    China Taking DNA of Foreigners Now « Understanding China, One Blog at a Time

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