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China’s She-Commuminst Fashionista Peng Liyuan

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 4, 2013

China is communist, so the commander of the communist party and overlord of the dump is also a commie. In addition, his right hand she-thug is a commie as well. Comrade Xi Jinping is married to comrade Peng Liyuan, who was in the Chinese military and a proud member of the communist party. Her official title was folk singer, but one has to wonder what that entails.

According to this woman, Bai Long, who is also Chinese and was a singer in the Chinese military, she ‘stated that during her time in Tibet she, along with other female performers, was regularly plied with alcohol and sexually abused by older male Chinese officers, including one instance of rape that led to a pregnancy, which she was forced to terminate with an abortion.”


What this means is that the People’s Liberation Army apparently wants to liberate its female soldiers from their virginity and innocence. Bai Ling was only 14-17 when she was raped by Chinese military officers.

Moving on to Peng Liyuan, one has to wonder what she did to get in the good graces of the Chinese military top dogs. After all, she was chosen to sing for the troops at Tianenman after they murdered a bunch of innocent people. Here is proof

Surely her job title had more to it then just ‘folk singing’, or maybe I am way off base…

In any event, comrade Peng was chosen as one of the best dressed first ladies, a term which I think should be used for real ladies and not the likes of comrade Peng Liyuan

Here is a quote
“For the second consecutive year, Michelle Obama did not make the cut for the high-fashion magazine’s “International Best-Dressed” list. But China’s new first lady did. Peng Liyuan “sails onto the list,” as Vanity Fair put it in a photo gallery highlighting Peng’s eye for trendy-yet-stately attire.

The honour had some Chinese bloggers crowing.

“Peng Liyuan Upends Michelle Obama,” read one Chinese luxury mag’s headline.

“She is the mother of the country,” wrote an unidentified Chinese blogger registered in Hebei province. “Finally, China has a first lady who gets people thumbs-up around the world.”

Interestingly enough, comrade Peng is still singing for the military. I have posted her ‘Tibet Clothes washing’ video previously, where she croons on and on about how the Chinese army has saved Tibet, built their roads and washed their clothes. Search the archives and you will see it. In another video, comrade Peng looks like this

Seriously, this is her in a pro communist video.

Here are more shots of her in what appears a counter claim to her being one of the world’s best dressed.

I guess I would expect more of the world than to glorify a she-com who is part of the institutional menace which is communism. Wo else but the Chinese would turn tanks on their own, slaughtering thousands? And who else but China would have a first lady who embraces such a thing?

Chinese tanks ready to eliminate more ‘Chinese spares’

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