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Two Foreigners Forced To Work in China’s ‘Re-education Through Labor’ Camps

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 4, 2013

China has declared war on foreigners and this is just more proof.

“Human Rights Watch has interviewed two foreigners sentenced in Yunnan, China, to reeducation through labor (RTL or laojiao). Both had been stopped by police for a roadside urine test, were told they tested positive for drug use, and were sentenced the same day.

According to one of the men, who denied using drugs:

They took me in a police car to the police station…. And then they said I had to go to prison for two years. I speak only a little Chinese. They used a translator…. After they told me my two-year sentence, there was no time for me to talk or to ask anything because the translator left immediately….”



2 Responses to “Two Foreigners Forced To Work in China’s ‘Re-education Through Labor’ Camps”

  1. Left China said

    China is crashng. Many foreigners and foreign firms are leaving due to the cash crisis. The jailing of foreigners should come as no surprise. The communists are edgy ad taking it out on everyone.

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