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Racism in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 5, 2013

Good article here”Hatim Shah from Mumbai in India has worked in finance in China for six years. He recalled Beijing’s visa crackdown on foreigners working or living illegally in the city around the time of the 2008 Olympics.

“I was set to move into a house, but when I went with the landlord to the police station to register, he told me I couldn’t live there because the police didn’t want brown people in the vicinity,” he recalled. “My white South African roommate had no problem.” Although Shah believes the situation has since improved, he still feels that “if you are brown here, you are not equal.”

He added: “They assume dark skinned people are doing something dodgy. If there’s a white person in the room, they’d rather speak to the white person.”

Paler skin has historically been prized in China and much of Asia. Even today skin-lightening products remain popular.

“Conversely, darker skin is associated with being a peasant,” said Sautman. “So, if you think peasants are oafish and backwards, you associate darker skin with that.”



3 Responses to “Racism in China”

  1. Left China said

    Chinese are constantly talking about foreigners as they walk by. The Chinese think we do not understand their hog hollerin’ mishmash so they feel free to disparage us. They are veru rude people.

    • Yes, they have no idea so they bad mouth us. It is pretty low class.

    • H2O said

      the thing is that we whites are superior. and chinese are inferior. they, being chinese they turn weakness into pseudo strength. i dont like this. cuz for me all people are humans. the chinese have such an inferiority complex. chinese try to turn around facts. their country is a shithole and still they try everthing to go to western countries. and they treat westerners in china like dogs and insult them on the streets. listen china: you are the apes here. you are so low and primitive that we can just place you under a pile of shit. and you perfectly belong there. look at you. an ape cannot tell a human being how to eat, dress, etc, because he is an ape. think about that.

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