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China Worst Country for On Time Flights

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 6, 2013

China is great at auto-genocide and little else….

“The Dalian sit-in is just the latest in a long line of disputes between passengers and airlines in China. The country’s state-run carriers, hardly models of efficiency, have racked up a notoriously poor flight record. According to data provider FlightStats, all of the world’s 10 worst airlines for timekeeping in June were Chinese. FlightStats also notes that China’s airports — also operated by the state and bereft of customer-friendly facilities like decent restaurants or shopping — are prime offenders for tardiness. A paltry 18% of flights from Beijing’s Capital International Airport took off on time this June — the worst record of any major airport anywhere in the world. And Beijing is far from China’s only laggard. No. 2 on the FlightStats’ global offenders list? Shanghai.

With the delays piling up and airlines struggling to deal with the consequences, irate travelers are turning aggressive and protests are not uncommon. Angry passengers have in recent weeks reportedly smashed up check-in desks in Shanghai, stormed a runway in Nanchang and beaten a ground worker so badly she was left with concussion in Wenzhou. According to Chinese media reports, some airports have simply stopped announcing delays over the PA system to avoid antagonizing delayed travelers.

A mismanagement epidemic seems to blight China’s mammoth domestic airline industry — boasting 296 million internal passengers in 2012, an 8.8% rise from the previous year — and those involved simply point fingers at each other. Airline operators cite overly stringent air-traffic-control restrictions. Air-traffic controllers point to unpredictable weather patterns in heavily trafficked areas. And travelers “in the know” blame the country’s air force, which, so the rumor goes, keeps all the good airspace to itself and restricts the number of planes allowed in the air. The nation’s aviation regulator, the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC), has crunched its own numbers — and apportioned blame accordingly. According to CAAC figures, military control of airspace was responsible for just 7% of delays last year, bad weather a further 21% and air-traffic controls for 26% of holdups. The overwhelming reason for delays, the CAAC claimed, is simple — poor management by airline operators. The CAAC says 42% of delays could be attributed to “the management and operation of air carriers.”

Read more: http://world.time.com/2013/08/05/chinas-shoddy-state-run-airlines-leave-grounded-passengers-flying-into-a-rage/#ixzz2bBixeDvC

6 Responses to “China Worst Country for On Time Flights”

  1. H2O said

    chinese are below animals. therefore, they are more primitive than animals. they are clearly not human beings. a chinese only lives for this 4 things: eating, using others, shitting, fucking.for money and face, then he dies.

    chinese airlines delay flights if the plane is not full. cuz that means less money. this is the fifth meaning of life for a chinese. money. then comes dying. they don’t care about it. just like animals don’t care.

    And they will die. lots of them 😉 They will then care about it when the big show starts.

    (let them die and get out.)

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