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Chinese Writer Urges Prison Riot for Bo Xilai

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 7, 2013

Bo Xilai is a charismatic one time up and comer for China’s communists. He is the son of Bo Yibo, one of the ‘8 immortals’ or the guys who hid with Mao when the KMT fought with the Japanese. These immortals got by on selling opium to the foreign invaders and ‘other’ Chinese forces.

Bo acted like a die hard Mao’ist , meaning he had people sing ‘red’ songs, praise Mao, and he killed people – allegedly. His body count was nothing like the 100 million that Mao exterminated, but then again Bo never became chairman, so there was always hope.

Deapite his knack for screwing women, corruption and ego-mania, Bo was loved by the Chinese. This probably has more to do with their inbred self hatred and need for a strong authority figure to lord over them. Bo was just such a man, and they loved him for it. As a matter of fact, I have only heard a few people say anything bad about him and hundreds sing his praises. Its even been said that if China held elections, Bo would be the president.

With such a following, Bo was feared by comrade Xi Jinping, after all, its also alleged that Bo’s clan were the one’s who tried to off Xi over one year ago. T this day comrade Xi is still trying to get rid of Bo supporters and is eviscerating the military.

Just recently a famous Chinese writer advocated bum rushing Bo’s upcoming trial and freeing Bo at last. Of course Bo is under arrest for being a disobedient communist, but he contends he is no worse than anyone else. Watch the news because there are probably many who would love to spring Bo loose and the trial could be chaotic…..

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