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New York

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 10, 2013

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Unemployment and Chinese College Grads

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 10, 2013

China graduated 7 million university students this year, but unfortunately most of them suck. The reasons are genetic and cultural. Culturally speaking, the Chinese rely so much on bribery to get things done, that they spend little time doing things the right way and worry about doing school right. Universities have been turned i to diploma mills all so that China can boast of zillions of grads. Unfortunately, those schools are ill equipped to deal with the 21 st century, and neither are their students.

The students have to fight with other one child policy duds who have a degraded work ethic, lack confidence and horrible interpersonals. Unfortunately for them, the economy is slowing and nobody wants to hire such people. Even though there are 7 million new grads, companies are reducing new hires by 15%.

What this means is that China has more grads, but fewer jobs to offer them.

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Come to China, Go to Jail

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 10, 2013

A little bit ago China allowed an American businessman to be shaken down and kidnapped. The guy had
Laid off some employees and the rest revolted, demanding that they too be compensated. This
Was odd because they had not been laid off.

Chinese logic being what it is, the employees demanded cash for no other reason than because they
Thought they would be without a job. And Chinese law, oxymoron that it is, agreed with the Chinese
Workers and allowed them to kidnap the owner of the company.

Since then China has legalized kidnapping of bosses who owe money. Even more worrying is that if you
Go to china and your company owes anyone, then you too can be held in China. This means
That you as a buyer can legally be kidnapped and held in China if one little supplier has a beef with your

The following story is about another foreigner who was taken for a ride and ripped off in China.


After three days of nerve-racking negotiation he says verged on “blackmail,” a former Alexandria, Ont., resident trapped in China can finally leave after he struck a deal with the family of a woman injured in a moped crash.

Jacob Gerow, 19, said the woman’s family in the rural town of Huangshan claimed Gerow should pay $20,000 for medical expenses.

“It’s definitely the most emotional thing I’ve gone through,” Gerow said Friday in an interview from China. “It’s like blackmail, ransom and a million other weird things all at the same time.”

Gerow had just arrived in Huangshan on Tuesday when he hired a “pedal taxi,” or a rickshaw to drive him from the train station.

Gerow noticed the rickshaw operator was tired so he offered to take over.

As he drove along, a 61-year-old woman on a moped cut in front of him.

Gerow said he had no control over the rickshaw — the brakes didn’t work, causing him to slam into the woman’s moped. She fell and hurt her knee, Gerow said, but the extent of her injuries were never really known.

Gerow, a Mcgill University student, said the woman’s family members tried to intimidate him into paying them by surrounding the hotel he was staying at.

Gerow said he feared for his safety and worried about what would happen if he tried to leave.

The family of the rickshaw operator also “stalked” Gerow, he said. If he left, they would be forced to foot the bill for the woman’s medical expenses.

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