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Marry a Chinese Never Work in China Again

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 12, 2013

A guy I know is a masochist, I mean he married a Chinese woman. Never mind his deficiencies in doing so, but pay attention to the story. The guy lives the woman, who seems pretty cool. Unfortunately for them both, China hates foreigners.

What happened was that the woman gave up her job which required much travel so that she could spend more time with the guy. They had a place in Beijing and she got a job with a Chinese firm. I guess the statement ‘got a job’ needs clarification. The woman was offered a job and accepted and went to start her new career. While there, she was told to fill out some personal forms before beginning her new job.

In the section marked married, she checked ‘yes’. She was then asked to supply the name of her spouse. She wrote the name of the American guy and then returned the paperwork. Minutes later she was fired. The management informed her that due to the fact that she had married an American, she was told she could not work for the company.

Of course this is China so she has no legal recourse and is now job-less. This is the true China.

One Response to “Marry a Chinese Never Work in China Again”

  1. Me said

    It is not uncommon for foreigners to be further discriminated against once they marry a Chinese. The Chinese men are insecure and consider that we are stealing their women. The truth is that women in China are pretty unattractive.

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