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Chinese Blood Immigrants

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 15, 2013

Chinese have recently been able to leave the big stinky after 64 years of Manic Mao rule. The impact of what is being called ‘Blood immigration’. This term is used to describe China’s nouveau riche, whose money was earned through theft and murder. Case in point is Bo Guagua, the son of two murderers, Bo Xilai amd Gu Kailai. By the communists own admission, between them they killed a bakers dozen and supposedly Bo firebombed an airplane killing 100 more.

In between killing all those folks, the Bo’s found time to steal cash. Originally the chicoms put the figure at $3 billion, but now they claim it was only millions. The reason for backsliding is that if they tell how much Bo stole then they would have to kill him. This would be bad because right now Bo Xilai is more popular than the communist party leader and president Xi Jinping.

Back to the story, Bo Guagua, like so many other Chinese, got his money as a hand me down from murderers. This is as true of Bo Xilai as it is of many communists and Chinese who get rich in ‘real estate’.

The communists get what they want or they kill people, that is their M.O. And land development is no exception. But rather than being like real human land developers, Chna’s communists are assassins. The reason is that by law the chicoms must pay the people for their land, after all, it belongs to the’people’ of China. What this means is that the commies must ask the locals if they want to sell. Usually only a percentage, such as 60% of communal property owners have to accept for the land to be sold.

But sometimes, villagers reject the offer. When this happens the commies tear down the houses with the occupants inside, which often leads to death. This phenomenon was very common leading up to the Olympics. Land value soared and commies got rich. Armed with that cash they fled to civilization.

The result of this is an i flux of blood immigrants or those Chinese who either killed enough of their peers to earn hard currency and buy citizenship, or their children. Bo Guagua is case in point of the latter. The upshot of it all is that most of those new Chinese homeowners you see come from some of the biggest filth that China has to offer. The good people have neither the money nor means to leave.

Just remember this the next time you see some Chinese immigrants in your neighborhood.

More Chinese at Ikea.

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No Justice in China, Chinese Judges Have No Law Background

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 15, 2013

China has problems with its legal system. For some reason, brutal and oppressive regimes find little value in things such as laws and predictability. I guess this makes sense because if they respected such things then they could not fleece the locals. And to be totally honest, I do not know if the Chinese even care. Thousands of years of Confucianism has taught them that bribery and corruption is the norm, after all, Chinese leaders have never had official legitimacy.

This is true because China has never had anything even close to a democracy, nor have they ever elected their leaders. Those in charge have gotten power through invasion and then their kids ruled this place. Such nuisances as elected officials have never been a consideration.

Tis being the case, it should come as no surprise that China has never followed ‘rule of law’ norma. What this means is that laws are perfunctory and manipulated at will. As a consequence, China’s judiciary is a mess.

The following statistics tell the tale of how rotten the Chinese judiciary is.

Facts about 31 of China’s High Court Presidents who preside over the judiciary of each province:

1- 14 have never studied at a university
2- 20 have never studied any law
3- 17 have some sort of college degree and one earned his at ‘night school’
4- 13 have communist party school degrees, which means they majored in Mao’ist thought, and I am not joking 5- 7 have never taken legal nor university classes of any sort
6- A law was passed in 2002 that all judges must take and pass a judicial exam, but none has done so 7- 7 judges have taken the Chinese bar exam and only 1 has passed

This means little to Chinese who are accustomed to corruption but means a lot to those of us who are not. Perhaps it is time to reduce one’s China footprint.

Te pic is of typical Chinese being ‘normal’ and sleeping at Ikea.

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Chinese Economic Data Built on Lies

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 15, 2013

China lies so much about its economic data that number 2 chicom thug, Li Keqiang said that nobody believes the figures. I guess he meant to say, nobody but stupid foreigners.

In any event, the guy below has the Chinese economy all dialed in.


China’s economy could be $1 trillion smaller than it says.


Christopher Balding, a professor at Peking University, lays out the case in a new working paper that finds some very strange patterns in China’s official statistics, which have long been viewed with skepticism. He believes the government manipulated housing price data between 2000 and 2011 to produce lower inflation results. Balding makes four key observations:


1. Why doesn’t the housing price data reflect China’s massive migration? In the last two decades, the country experienced a major migration from the rural interior to coastal cities. But the country’s official statistics show rural home prices growing three times as fast as urban home prices between 2000 and 2011. Balding is skeptical that home prices in urban areas grew so much more slowly, especially when private measures show housing prices in Chinese cities increasing much faster.

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Worthless Chinese Knockoffs

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 15, 2013

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