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Marry a Chinese and Ruin Your Life

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 16, 2013

China has a few foreigners, and tons of Chinese. The ratio is 1,340,000,000 to approximately 400,000. Some of those foreigners end up in hell, I mean marrying Chinese. I personally know many foreigners who have fallen into that trap and none of them is happy. As a matter of fact, I know of one Englishman who married a local and ‘shit’ describes how she treats him. Even though he is kind to her and bought her a house, she treats him worse than her ex, a guy who routinely beat her.

No matter how you slice it, the Chinese consider us to be inferior and treat us so. Paradoxically, they get ‘face’ by marrying us and having ABC-anything but Chinese, babies. Although purporting to love the motherland, the Chinese surely adore a kid who has some white in them. Nonetheless, the Chinese still despise foreigners just as they did thousands of years ago. In what is typical of people from China, they try to rob us of our essence and then cast us away. In business they steal our products and make them ‘Chinese’, or knock them off. In a relationship, they steal our DNA and make an only ‘half Chinese baby’, and then cast us aside.

The problem is that due to thousands of years of isolation, they have become inbred, and have those undesirable traits that go with it. Now that foreigners are allowed in China, They are keen to ‘improve’ their DNA by having a half foreign baby.

Legally speaking , however, they can and do what they want with ‘their’ babies as long as they are in China. They know that unlike most Chinese, foreigners treasure their kids, and hold it over our heads. Kidnapping, as stated below, is one way of getting what they want.

Here is an excerpt of one guy’s saga of marrying a Chinese.

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Finally, I attended in the court with the hope at least see my son. Her friends who beat me twice and stole my son went to the court to accompany her. I didn’t see her around the waiting hall. She was already inside the court through the other way so, I surprised to see her in the court. However, according to her claim of the divorce, she mentions I have a lot of bad habits, I smoke weed everyday, I often used to beat her, I cheat on her, I didn’t give her any living expense, I never respected her parents and let them sleep on the floor, I got drunk and harassed her parents and that’s why she wants to divorce, custody of my son and pay her expense of 2000RMB every month.
My answer was as follows
We met in 2007 and married in 2009. You said your dream came true when you got married. If I have many bad habits why did she marry me?
If I smoke weed everyday why I didn’t get addicted and ended up in mental hospital?
Beating or fighting. Can anyone clap with one hand? She could leave me along with 2 and half years son for four months and didn’t contact us at all for four months. Then, she would leave me long time ago if I would really beat her.
Does she have any evidence of cheating on her? I would never come to her hometown with my son for four times to look for her If I had a girl friend.
We began to live together since 2007. Has she ever paid for any living, traveling, food and accommodation expense until we got separated in April 2012?
Her parents lived with me almost 6 months. How could they live with me if I insulted them many times and how could they live on the floor if it is so uncomfortable?
Everyone would get drunk once in a while if he/she works under pressure from Monday tip Friday and bare 5 people on one person’s shoulder. Did I get drunk everyday?
Then, I asked
why she and her parents took my son along with his clothes and toys without any notice? Why she came back again to live with me on 29th of July 2012 and left my son all alone in my hands after 5 days?
Why she never contacted me again for four months although I sent her a lot of e-mails informing my son was ill?
Did I come to look for her for four times from Xi’an along with Washington?
Did anyone from her family even open the door when I reached their apartment with Washington for more than 10 times?
You were working at the University secretly that I used to teach during that time? Weren’t you?
Did you beat me up by your friends and stole my son by your friend when you came to meet you after when I got your picture as a spy?
Are you the reason why I lost my job?
Are you the reason why I left China for Australia?
Is my son the reason why I came back to China from Australia?
Did you use your friends again to beat me up from the fourth floor to the street when I straight came to Tianshui from Australia?
Could I still see my son?

She didn’t answer any of these question. And the Judge didn’t ask her to answer these questions rather asked her out to the back of the court to talk to her. They came back and the judge asked me to give her all the pictures and evidence. I gave her the marriage paper, Washington’s birth certificate and picture of her friend who beat me and took my son away and the picture at the University.
When I tried to repeat the questions, the judge clearly said Past is Past. She asked whether I agree with the divorce and I said I do agree. Then, the Judge began to talk about my son’s custody. They didn’t let even my friend in and she said it should be very private cause it’s a divorce and Kid’s custody case.
After all, I could tell my x-wife has a very good relationship and the judge solely supported her.
At the end, I begged the judge to let me meet my son and the judge said I couldn’t meet my son until divorce and kid’s custody is settled. I would like to ask you all. Is that fair?

The local police is forcing me to speak Chinese although I don’t want to and they said the city police is responsible and when I went to the city police station they said they are only responsible for passports and visas. what would our press and police do if a Chinese person’s kid is kidnapped in Bangladesh?
I’m giving flyers to the Chinese pedestrians along with my kid’s picture so, if anyone sees him would call me.

My son is the best thing out of me ever. I want to offer him a better future. As a loving and caring father I can’t stand distance between us as he has been kidnapped for more than 7 months. I don’t anything from China as a return of 8 years contribution but my son.

It’s been more than 15 days in Tianshui, Gansu, China. The local newspaper, TV station including Tianshui local Government knows about my son is being kidnapped. But no one values my hard time cause I’m a foreigner in China.
I’d like to remind China about the promise she made in Beijing olympic 2008 and that is “One world, one dream”

This video is from yesterday. But this morning, some police came to my room in the hotel and sign a paper in Chinese. I refused cause I can’t read Chinese. Then, they asked me to leave before 3rd of next month as my expires although they all know my son’s been kidnapped for more than 7 months. I called our Embassy for help and the first secretary of our Embassy said he would write a letter from our Embassy for visa extension.
I went to the Foreign affairs building to ask about my son. They showed zero interest in my son and instead asked me and my friend about our visas. They also refused to speak with embassy officials and work within their own personal laws (they don’t follow Chinese law here) to do what they want to do when they want to do it. I am showing these to the rest of the world to see what kind of law enforcement China has for the most part. They talk out of both sides of their mouths and everyone will see how much they lie as well.

I went to the court this afternoon to ask for court’s permission to see my son. Then, the judge said she couldn’t give me any legal permission to see my son that I haven’t seen for almost 9 months. She said I should call 110 when I asked her again the judgement for beating me up twice in Tianshui. She said I should discuss with the criminal who stole my exhibit goods when I asked her about my stolen exhibit goods.
Finally, what I discovered is out of my expectation and imagination. She is even not a Judge but just assistant Judge. My kid has been kidnapped, job has been sucked, I’ve been beaten twice and all of my business including International exhibit goods, office equipments and home appliances are stolen but Chinese Justice in Tianshui, Gansu, China is not taking it seriously by using a young girl as a Judge who is just an assistant although I have been staying in a hotel in Tianshui, Gansu, China for more than a month without any Jobs. Here I attached the picture of the assistant Judge.


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