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Marry a Chinese and Ruin Your Life

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 16, 2013

China has a few foreigners, and tons of Chinese. The ratio is 1,340,000,000 to approximately 400,000. Some of those foreigners end up in hell, I mean marrying Chinese. I personally know many foreigners who have fallen into that trap and none of them is happy. As a matter of fact, I know of one Englishman who married a local and ‘shit’ describes how she treats him. Even though he is kind to her and bought her a house, she treats him worse than her ex, a guy who routinely beat her.

No matter how you slice it, the Chinese consider us to be inferior and treat us so. Paradoxically, they get ‘face’ by marrying us and having ABC-anything but Chinese, babies. Although purporting to love the motherland, the Chinese surely adore a kid who has some white in them. Nonetheless, the Chinese still despise foreigners just as they did thousands of years ago. In what is typical of people from China, they try to rob us of our essence and then cast us away. In business they steal our products and make them ‘Chinese’, or knock them off. In a relationship, they steal our DNA and make an only ‘half Chinese baby’, and then cast us aside.

The problem is that due to thousands of years of isolation, they have become inbred, and have those undesirable traits that go with it. Now that foreigners are allowed in China, They are keen to ‘improve’ their DNA by having a half foreign baby.

Legally speaking , however, they can and do what they want with ‘their’ babies as long as they are in China. They know that unlike most Chinese, foreigners treasure their kids, and hold it over our heads. Kidnapping, as stated below, is one way of getting what they want.

Here is an excerpt of one guy’s saga of marrying a Chinese.

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Finally, I attended in the court with the hope at least see my son. Her friends who beat me twice and stole my son went to the court to accompany her. I didn’t see her around the waiting hall. She was already inside the court through the other way so, I surprised to see her in the court. However, according to her claim of the divorce, she mentions I have a lot of bad habits, I smoke weed everyday, I often used to beat her, I cheat on her, I didn’t give her any living expense, I never respected her parents and let them sleep on the floor, I got drunk and harassed her parents and that’s why she wants to divorce, custody of my son and pay her expense of 2000RMB every month.
My answer was as follows
We met in 2007 and married in 2009. You said your dream came true when you got married. If I have many bad habits why did she marry me?
If I smoke weed everyday why I didn’t get addicted and ended up in mental hospital?
Beating or fighting. Can anyone clap with one hand? She could leave me along with 2 and half years son for four months and didn’t contact us at all for four months. Then, she would leave me long time ago if I would really beat her.
Does she have any evidence of cheating on her? I would never come to her hometown with my son for four times to look for her If I had a girl friend.
We began to live together since 2007. Has she ever paid for any living, traveling, food and accommodation expense until we got separated in April 2012?
Her parents lived with me almost 6 months. How could they live with me if I insulted them many times and how could they live on the floor if it is so uncomfortable?
Everyone would get drunk once in a while if he/she works under pressure from Monday tip Friday and bare 5 people on one person’s shoulder. Did I get drunk everyday?
Then, I asked
why she and her parents took my son along with his clothes and toys without any notice? Why she came back again to live with me on 29th of July 2012 and left my son all alone in my hands after 5 days?
Why she never contacted me again for four months although I sent her a lot of e-mails informing my son was ill?
Did I come to look for her for four times from Xi’an along with Washington?
Did anyone from her family even open the door when I reached their apartment with Washington for more than 10 times?
You were working at the University secretly that I used to teach during that time? Weren’t you?
Did you beat me up by your friends and stole my son by your friend when you came to meet you after when I got your picture as a spy?
Are you the reason why I lost my job?
Are you the reason why I left China for Australia?
Is my son the reason why I came back to China from Australia?
Did you use your friends again to beat me up from the fourth floor to the street when I straight came to Tianshui from Australia?
Could I still see my son?

She didn’t answer any of these question. And the Judge didn’t ask her to answer these questions rather asked her out to the back of the court to talk to her. They came back and the judge asked me to give her all the pictures and evidence. I gave her the marriage paper, Washington’s birth certificate and picture of her friend who beat me and took my son away and the picture at the University.
When I tried to repeat the questions, the judge clearly said Past is Past. She asked whether I agree with the divorce and I said I do agree. Then, the Judge began to talk about my son’s custody. They didn’t let even my friend in and she said it should be very private cause it’s a divorce and Kid’s custody case.
After all, I could tell my x-wife has a very good relationship and the judge solely supported her.
At the end, I begged the judge to let me meet my son and the judge said I couldn’t meet my son until divorce and kid’s custody is settled. I would like to ask you all. Is that fair?

The local police is forcing me to speak Chinese although I don’t want to and they said the city police is responsible and when I went to the city police station they said they are only responsible for passports and visas. what would our press and police do if a Chinese person’s kid is kidnapped in Bangladesh?
I’m giving flyers to the Chinese pedestrians along with my kid’s picture so, if anyone sees him would call me.

My son is the best thing out of me ever. I want to offer him a better future. As a loving and caring father I can’t stand distance between us as he has been kidnapped for more than 7 months. I don’t anything from China as a return of 8 years contribution but my son.

It’s been more than 15 days in Tianshui, Gansu, China. The local newspaper, TV station including Tianshui local Government knows about my son is being kidnapped. But no one values my hard time cause I’m a foreigner in China.
I’d like to remind China about the promise she made in Beijing olympic 2008 and that is “One world, one dream”

This video is from yesterday. But this morning, some police came to my room in the hotel and sign a paper in Chinese. I refused cause I can’t read Chinese. Then, they asked me to leave before 3rd of next month as my expires although they all know my son’s been kidnapped for more than 7 months. I called our Embassy for help and the first secretary of our Embassy said he would write a letter from our Embassy for visa extension.
I went to the Foreign affairs building to ask about my son. They showed zero interest in my son and instead asked me and my friend about our visas. They also refused to speak with embassy officials and work within their own personal laws (they don’t follow Chinese law here) to do what they want to do when they want to do it. I am showing these to the rest of the world to see what kind of law enforcement China has for the most part. They talk out of both sides of their mouths and everyone will see how much they lie as well.

I went to the court this afternoon to ask for court’s permission to see my son. Then, the judge said she couldn’t give me any legal permission to see my son that I haven’t seen for almost 9 months. She said I should call 110 when I asked her again the judgement for beating me up twice in Tianshui. She said I should discuss with the criminal who stole my exhibit goods when I asked her about my stolen exhibit goods.
Finally, what I discovered is out of my expectation and imagination. She is even not a Judge but just assistant Judge. My kid has been kidnapped, job has been sucked, I’ve been beaten twice and all of my business including International exhibit goods, office equipments and home appliances are stolen but Chinese Justice in Tianshui, Gansu, China is not taking it seriously by using a young girl as a Judge who is just an assistant although I have been staying in a hotel in Tianshui, Gansu, China for more than a month without any Jobs. Here I attached the picture of the assistant Judge.


Please, read the following current news about the Children in China.
13岁少女自曝被逼卖淫4年续:3嫌犯移交检察院 (13-year-old girl reveals experience of being forced into prostitution on Weibo)Hangzhou Daily, August 13, 2013
广西13岁少女遭强奸曾被警方戴上手铐 称防其打人 (13-year-old Guangxi girl sent to mental hospital by police after being raped five times)Beijing Times, August 12,2013
韶关16岁少女引诱12岁幼女卖淫 一次即获利5000元 (16 year-old girl receives RMB 5000 to lure 12 year-old girl into prostitution in Shaoguan, Guangdong) Guangzhou Daily, August 9, 2013

20 Responses to “Marry a Chinese and Ruin Your Life”

  1. aalborg said

    i know of a dutch guy in china who managed to take his son back to his country after his chinese wife kidnapped him (son) and hided him for more than a year. His chinese wife said to him that it doesn’t matter that the son is with him because she is already pregnant from another foreigner in china. She also said to him that she hates them both and don’t want to see him and the son again. Ever.

    please tell me: what is wrong with chinese women and china? i am a christian and i believe in responsibility, forgiveness, respect and mutual love, marriage and creating a baby is an eternal responsibility.

    greetings from Denmark.

    • Good for the guy the Netherlands but I agree with you on the whole China thing.

      What I want to know is if all Chinese are this disturbed and if it is true, then when will the world learn?

      Do you live here too?

      • aalborg said

        no i have never lived in china. but I know many cases where chinese and westerners are involved. it is terrible.
        my new case is a french girl who was married to a chinese man. he left her and their daughter and gave this reason to her: “our daughter does not look special enough and is not white enough in china”

        i think we have to find a new language for china.

        i agree with “Me”. it’s a lack of religion and morales. I still refuse to believe that chinese are not humans. even so they behave like anmals.

        i think, chinese people have an inferiority complex and are very lost in this world. they lack of strength, concepts and identity.

        It’s all very sad.

      • Hi, how sad for the French girl. China’s treatment of girl infants is horrible. Te country is misogynistic and each man can have as many kids as he wants but each woman can only have one. To me they lack the innate parental love that people from civilized countries have.

        So how do you know all these people who have been messed over by Chinese?

    • Me said

      All members of the communist party must disavow religion. China has no real indigenous religion asie from Daoism, and brotherly love is not in their vocabulary. Simply put, it is their lack of religion which equates to their lack of humanity.

  2. aalborg said

    no i have never lived in china. but I know many cases where chinese and westerners are involved. it is terrible.
    my new case is a french girl who was married to a chinese man. he left her and their daughter and gave this reason to her: “our daughter does not look special enough and is not white enough in china”

    i think we have to find a new language for china.

    i agree with “Me”. it’s a lack of religion and morales. I still refuse to believe that chinese are not humans. even so they behave like anmals.

    i think, chinese people have an inferiority complex and are very lost in this world. they lack of strength, concepts and identity.

    It’s all very sad.

  3. Andre said

    I have been married to a chinese wife for 6 years. I have a daughter and a son with her. she kidnapped my kids 1 year ago and I am desperate. I didn’t see them since then. She is hiding somewhere in China and the police won’t help me to locate them. I went through different courts in China and noone cares about this crime. Because I am a foreigner so they say and therefore I have no rights in China.

    they let me pay me dinners for them and let me pay, promising that they would give me my rights but at the ened they didn’t take my phone. This is so incredible.

    what breaks my heart is that my ex-wife in china is earning money with the pictures of my kids. She sold their pictures to a magazine with a title “Beautiful mixed kids in China who are deeply chinese in mind. Proudly China.” in Dalian. Without my agreement and while hiding them from me! I can’t do anything against that. I don’t WANT my kids pics in a magazine!!!!!!!! I filed countless complaints to courts in China but it seems that they just want to get paid before doing their duty? I am acting according to chinese law and I can’t see my kids and can’t find them even so the chinese court and police know where they are.

    My chinese wife prostituted herself in hotels for years. She slept with rich chinese for money and increased her “price” by saying that she is married to a white foreigner. This broke my heart. She has lied to me. But I try to keep a clear head to get my kids in and out of China and to offer them a good future in Europe as a loving father that I am and always was- Not so her. She treated them always like commodities. I don’t want them to be near her.

    And i showed them, the chinese judges and police officers and government officials, evidence (pictures, skype records etc) which I have gathered through a private detective i payed and explained that such a woman cannot take care of my kids and I want the full, sole custody for my daughter and son i love so much.

    I am now writing to the U.N. even so I am quite sure that they can’t help me. I am writing to the foreign ministry and president of my country in Europe to help. I don’t know what else to do. If anyone is reading this please contact me if you can help.Please help if you can and if you are a lawyer in China.

    Her name is Zhang Xu and she is from Dalian. She prostitutes herself in hotel who are frequently visited by foreign guests. She has black-brown coloured hair and always wears high-heels and make-up and a lot of jewelry. she often calls herself “Cindy”. Her english name.

    Andre Cullions


  4. Romano said

    I’ve lived in China with my chinese wife for almost 9 years. I have a daughter with her. She was constantly abusing me and my daughter. Enforcing us to eat chinese food (even so i am great in cooking italian food) at all times and never allowed me to speak with my daughter in my native language (Italian). She said that in China people speak chinese and nothing else and our daughter has to become a chinese. Her family treated me like a second class insect and openly insulted me many times and my good will when I cooked for them, saying that is doesn’t taste chinese and they ruined my dishes with that chinese spicy red Lazi.

    at one point I confronted her and told her that her behaviour is not correct. I wanted to speak it out and to solve it by discussions and being aware of different of cultural differences I used kind words. she did not answer any of my questions. she didn’t look at into my eyes.

    a week later she kidnapped my daughter. Her family told me that i am a stupid foreigner and “bad man” and I can never see my daughter again. The hate i encountered was incredible. And I have always treat them with respect and understanding.

    I haven’t seen my daughter since 5 months. She disappeared with her and she took all of my money in China from my bank account. I filed a protest to the chinese police and noone cares about my situation. The chinese judge even denied to speak with the italian assistant of the ambassador in beijing, saying that this is china and that he is not obligated to talk with the embassy.

    i WILL try to locate my daughter by any means.

  5. Reyno said

    I couldn’t avoid her parents visitbecause of the exhibition. They even have been to my booth but I couldn’t barethem for more than 5 months along with her cousin cause they lied to me abouttheir daughter. She was in the KTV but her parents told me she went downstairsfor couple of times. Living in my place as freeloaders as 5 on one’sshoulders and lying to me about their own daughter didn’t make any sense to me.So, I got mad and couldn’t control myself to say her Mum is a bitch and her Dadis a faggot.

    It all began from there.She and her parents left with Washington wihtout a notice

    It was 8th ofJune this year. After the separation of 40 days with my wife, I went to herhometown to convince her to get back along with kid. I thought her parents andfriends would be positive helping her to get back to the track of family. Theywere more ironic than I ever imagined. Well, my wife came to receive me fromLan Tian square in Tian shui. She took me to a hotel up on a KTV to stay overnight.I began to talk about how we are going to get back as before as fast as wereached the room. She said her parents didn’t even want to see me. Anyway, Icouldn’t wait to see my Washington until next morning. Her lesbian friendturned up with my Washington at the door of the hotel.

    Bythe grace of almighty God, my kid recognized me as fast as I glanced at himafter 40 days. I didn’t talk to her friend at first because I realizedaccording to my wife’s statement, “She’s a part of the game!!”However, I was convinced by my wife to talk to her. It took my Washington about3 hours to recall his memory completely to shout out Dad in Dicos. I prayedthat morning even in the afternoon to get things back oin track. We boughtclothes for Washington and I was really happy being with him playing at thesquare and praying inside of my heart deeply to get my family back. Eventually,all ended in the ghetto teahouse of my wife’s lesbian friend when she said mywife shouldn’t be with me until I buy an apartment.

    Thisis a tragedy of my life. Though, I asked my wife out of teahouse for a walkalong the river as I couldn’t breathe even for once to save the relationshipbut she threw my hope into the river. But she promised she would be back on27th of June to celebrate Washington’s 2nd birthday in Xi’an. I told my friendsI know in Xi’an that I would celebrate my kid’s birthday for the first time inChina and they all will be invited in time. I was looking forward to the daywhen I would have my wife and kid back in my place so I could use all of myconvincing power to hold them up together with me. I tried to contact my wifemore than a thousand of times to discuss where and how we might celebrate mykid’s birthday. She was totally mute and I was positive for a surprise rightbefore the deadline.

    Itaught Business English for the whole day and rushed back to my apartment withbirthday gifts to see them saying “Surprise” but nothing happened asshe promised and as I expected. Entered the same lonely apartment and wasstaring out the window from the dining table meaninglessly. My phone ringstartled me up and heard from William (A Chinese friend) asking where I wascelebrating the birthday. My eyes couldn’t help but burst in tears. He wasconfident that he could convince my wife and get them back the next day. So, Ifollowed him to Tianshui (my wife’s hometown) again on 27th night by his car.He is a swift driver to reach my wife’s place within 6 hours although we had abreak at a gas station for almost two hours. The distance between where I liveand my wife’s hometown would be around 300km. However, we reached her door the nextmorning around 8 o’ clock. My wife’s father opened and closed the door at onceafter seeing me like I was the most unfortunate thing in the world he had everseen. I knocked the door for 15 minutes and tried to tell him my purpose ofvisiting my wife and kid. Unfortunately, it didn’t work on that stubborn guy toopen the door once again.

    Icouldn’t imagine a middle aged Chinese guy not opening the door who slept in mycozy apartment in Xian for hundreds of nights. I told myself inwardly not toleave the door until I see my kid and hand over the birthday gifts to his Mom.Sleepy, tired and confident William was smoking cigarettes like crazy as henoticed the plan was not going to work out. However, I saw a confidant of mywife’s lesbian friend after waiting at the door for 20 minutes climbing upstairsthrough the staircase. I told him what was happening and he lied to me bysaying my kid and wife weren’t at home. Eventually, he has been introduced toWilliam and they again took me to the same ghetto tea house for a rest. I toldWilliam I wouldn’t go to that place but I had to listen to William as he firedup the whole trip by car. Again, the black hole teahouse and the conversationagain ended for the apartment and my wife’s father would have a heart attack. Sheleaves the apartment to see me but they take my own kid out secretly and let mesee him outside somewhere. I was boiling inside and really wanted to break herneck at the teahouse. Being a father, whenever you are given a chance tocelebrate belated birthday, I could do nothing but take a chance. They broughtWashington after a two hour conversation. I couldn’t help crying as fast as Isaw my kid. I felt annoyed, confused, insulted and confused as ever in my lifein front of some illiterate junkies.

    After all of that, she came back with Washington on 29/07/2012to stop me from going to Australia and starting a new life. Her friends came inthe morning right after the five days and said she should go because parentswere missing. She left and came back after 12 days to take Washington. Idiscussed with a Bangladeshi friend named Akik who is also married to a Chinesegirl. He said I should keep the kid so my wife wouldn’t leave me, but my wifeleft us on 22/08/2012 by sending me out with Washington to buy him a new pairof shoes.It’s been almost three months that I had beenstruggling with Washington. I sent her many e-mails and messages through QQ andSkype but no response. Not even a phone call to ask how is the kid.

    I came toTianshui after a long struggling with Washington for two and half months tocheck out my luck for the third time to get my wife back. This meant a lot to me and my Washington. I thought our arrival willgive them a nice surprise. I had a plan of cooking and inviting her brotherover to get their family problems solved along with mine. I was in touch withone of her childhood friends named Wang Jing to inform my parents in law.

    I reached their door with a great hope. I buzzed on the door for morethan 15 minutes. No one turned up. I was extremely tired because I had to takeWashington in my arms and holding gifts for my parents in law from Xi’an toTianshui about 5 hours train and about 30 minute taxi ride to reach her gateand her gate to her apartment was on the 4th floor. Washington and I wereextremely hungry and I could do nothing but let him sit on a box near the door.A Muslim lady from the opposite door was kind enough to let us in andWashington didn’t want to enter in that apartment, but he followed me. She wasalso nice enough to let Washington play and give us some noodles to eat.

    Everything was almost dead including my cell phone and Macbook. Herfriend showed up after two hours and to my surprise, her friend and aunt showedup. Her friend didn’t seem happy see us there talking with her aunt and it wasso strange that she said, “You can sleep with me”. But I thought Ishould wait there until my parents in law get back. So, she left when herefforts to take us out of her aunt’s apartment went in vain. I waited withWashington for almost 5 more hours, but my parents in law didn’t get back. Lifegoes on!!! I stepped out to find a room in a hotel nearby, keeping my kid alonein a strange place. I managed to book a room in a hotel and I was surprisedseeing her friends come back with a fat guy. She introduced him to me as herhusband and they helped me carry things to the hotel.

    We stayed inthe same room for 10 days, but my wife didn’t turn up even once to see me andher kid. I saw her in a taxi when Washington and I crossed the street whereevery one of her friends and family said they didn’t even see her for more than3 and half months since she disappeared from Xian. I did all I could doconvince her parents and friends to get her back, but didn’t seem like they hadany sympathy for me or our kid. I totally slipped of the track of my ordinarylife being a teacher. I thought she would at least get back to save my career beinga teacher if I insisted on her staying there because she used to be my studentat the University. I tried to find her everywhere I could for two and halfmonths, but it was worthless.

    I got back to Xi’an on 25th of Nov. Again the same journey back to theapartment in Xi’an. I went to cook for Washington, even though I was exhausted.He picked up a mop stick and struck the TV and the screen is still fracturedtoday. I was so mad that I beat him and we both ended up crying at the end.

    I heard from a friend of mine in Bangladeshi that my wife chats onWeChat. It’s a mobile app designed for social networking. Since my Mac andNokia didn’t support the app, I went to the apple store to buy either a iphoneor ipod with Washington, but didn’t buy because they didn’t have the bumpercover I wanted. The Bangladeshi introduced me to an Indian student named Remo,who visited and told me about selling phones. I bought one HTC from him with1100 RMB just to contact my wife. I left a lot of messages to my wife but she didn’tsend me any messages until a picture of her turned up on WeChat. I wasastonished about the place of picture, “THE UNIVERSITY”. That is thesame University that I have been teaching at for more than five years. She wasthere but didn’t come to meet us and no one from the University authorityinformed me about that.

    I thought it was the end of the game and could take her to my hometownto attend in my younger sister’s wedding party on 10th of December. Shecontacted with me right after sending her the picture and said she wouldn’t goto Bangladesh but she would come to meet us in her hometown and live with meand Washington. I couldn’t wait for even one hour to just see her and get backin her arms. So, I left Xi’an with Washington to her hometown to get thingsdone. I was really happy to see her after three and half months. I asked herphone number and she said, I should inform her about my arrival at her friend’snumber. I did and we went to her hometown. Again the same journey to get herback so, we could start somewhere. It was extremely cold when we got to trainstation at 3am. We had to go to about four different hotels until I found aroom in the hotel to keep Washington warm and make him fall asleep. I thoughteverything would be over on the following day and I was so excited that I evencouldn’t recognize Chinese characters and thought she would arrive at herhometown’s train station at 6 am.

    I made Washington go to sleep at the hotel room and went to the trainstation at 5:00am and waited for her until 8:30am so, I sent her friend amessage and she said 11am. I went to back the room to see Washington was awakebut seemed I went there at the right time. He woke up around 9 and played withme for a while. I took him out of the hotel to buy him breakfast since Icouldn’t buy him the sea star but bought him some congee from KFC. With a greathope of seeing a sunny day, I went to meet her at the train station withWashington. Checking through all the people at the exit gate of the trainstation for whole night, I didn’t see her coming out of train station. I gother call and she turned up from the other side. I cried out to ask her howcould she leave Washington and me for 3 and half months without even calling usonce, but she said we should go somewhere to talk.

    I asked her how did she get there, but she didn’t answer any questionsand had no interest to even talk to me, but instead played with Washington. Shesaid we should go to find a place where we should talk. We took the bus fromthe train station to a coffee shop near the hotel that we stayed for 10 days.She ordered for the food, but none of my words worked to make her understandhow much I love her and Washington. I couldn’t help myself but crashing a wholeglass on my head to prove how much I loved her. That didn’t work either andWashington was hungry so we took him to KFC to buy his favorite star from KFC.I asked her to return my nose ring if she doesn’t love me anymore, but shereturned with her gold bracelets which were given by my mother at our wedding.We went to a noodles shop to have dinner. I didn’t give up persuading her toget back. She totally denied the picture at the University wearing qi pao at areception and seemed not to give up a single word about that. She said shewanted to answer the call of nature. She fed Washington and had her own noodlestogether with me. I was about to pay for the noodles, but her friends turned upand beat me. I cried and asked her what happened and she said I deserved thatbeating. Her friends said that was her son. They hailed a taxi and left thespot with Washington. I could help nothing with the cart of Washington butrunning from there to her apartments to look for her parents to tell them abouther craziness, but no one was there so, I went to the police station and theysaid I should solve the family problems by myself. I ended up in the same hotelnearby by her apartment all alone being the most disappointed and confused dad,husband and son in the world. I went to her apartment to look for her parentsthe next morning again, it was also worthless. So, I left the graceful andmerciful Washington’s cart and his clothes in their shop downstairs.

    I just couldn’t stay in Xian any longer and left for Shanghai. Istayed in the youth hostel in Shanghai for a week. I met an amazing couchsurfer like the French, Adrian and a young kid from Brazil. The young kidunderstood I was going through a hard time so, he really wanted to know whathappened to me. It was a matter of time to tell them my stories but I couldn’thold up my pain thinking it would be a new day, on a new land for a new startand left Shanghai for Sydney. It was quite a sunny day with pure blue sky whenlanded at Sydney airport. I bought a new SIM card at the airport and called theyouth hostel, but they took 5 hours to pick me up from the airport. I met aKorean man in the dorm as fast as I checked in and he realized I didn’t likethe place so, he tried to scare me by telling about the bugs, cockroaches andmosquitoes in the room but I was positive and met Rob the next day. I had Thaifood on the first day and figured out the price of food. It was nice meetingRob from Canada, Cam and Charles from French. The hostel is pretty muchdominated by Irish but controlled by Willy Wonka Anthony.

    I expected a party over Christmas but it was all about roastedsausage, bread and Australian wine. I paid 25AUD per night for three nights andwhen I wanted to pay for next four until the New Year, they said I should pay40AUD per night, which was too bad ripping off backpackers. However, I searchedfor all the hostels in Sydney and all of them were booked out. I thought I mayhave had to sleep outside. So, I decided to go to the Darling Harbor to see thefull moon reflection on the water. I met Hugo, Tim and Finnish girls on the waydown through Golbourne Street. We went to Darling Harbor and became friends.Hugo sympathized as he heard of similar situations of the hostels. He said Icould stay at his place. Anyway, I followed them to their house at that nightand got hooked up with music festival over the New Year as they all were going.It was the most expensive entrance ticket I have ever paid in my whole entirelife at 350AUD. However, I couldn’t enjoy much because of missing my son. I meta kid exactly the same age as Washington. I cried a lot by hugging him. I wastired and I moved out of Hugo’s house as they were going to another musicfestival from 1st until 3rd. A guy called me and said he has a room for me onGeorge Street with 150AUD a week. I went to the location according to hisinformation, but it was a bluff. I just walked up to McDonald’s for free Wi-Fito seek help from the virtual world for lodging. I met Robert from Fujian inMcDonald’s and asked for his help because I couldn’t get any options forlodging on the internet. He said he would help me find a place. We tried atleast 10 doors and one hostel helped me to book a room at Prince Alfred Parkyouth hostel.

    The hostel was nice and cleaner. Eventually, I met a painter fromBangladesh in the park and he told he found a room but he needs to share theroom as the rent there is very expensive. I thought it’d be good for me as wellas he said he had been living there for 10 years. But the situation turned outto be something else: an ironic alcoholic. He doesn’t know what he says andwhat he does when he is drunk. Coincidentally, the land owner has the sameArabic name as my Mom at the place where I and the other Bangladeshi’s lodgedover. But she is a business woman maintaining two blocks of houses with morethan 10 boarders. I tried but couldn’t find any legal job with my tourist visa.My son was inside my heart so, I cried every night. I spoke to his Mom thefirst week of the New Year and she said we would go to Bangladesh to start anew life if I couldn’t manage myself a job in Australia so, she moved out of myapartment with all of furniture and exhibit goods. I decided to come back toChina when I failed to get all sort of legal jobs in Sydney. I was happy comingback from Australia to see my kid and making up with his Mom after a long time.

    I bought chocolate, books and other gifts for my son and his Mom. Ihad 15 hours flight journey from Sydney to Shanghai via Hong Kong. It was chaosand awfully crowded at the train station and the bus station. Somehow, Imanaged to get a bus ticket to see my kid. The bus journey was for 24 hours. Iwas really anxious about the chocolate on the bus. I reached her apartment withtwo backpacks on my shoulders and carrying two bags of gifts. I noticed peopleinside as fast as I knocked the door. No one opened the door so; I decided towait by the door because I was exhausted after such a long journey fromAustralia. Two of her friends turned up and said I should leave the place. Itold them I came to meet my kid and his Mom, but they dragged me down and beatme to the street. I screamed out for help in Chinese and English. A guy pickedme from the street and covered me up from those dogs. I felt like I losteverything whatever I have including my exhibit goods, national flag and evenmy son who was born in Bangladesh. Although, I wanted to leave China at once, Itold myself not to leave this until I get my son and all the things back inreturn. I informed the University as soon as I got back to Xi’an for releaseletter. They said it would be no problem to give me the release letter. I beganto teach Kids cause I was missing mine. I saved money for the lawyer out of mythree months job. I paid the lawyer and he contacted with my wife through hersister. My wife told the lawyer that she wouldn’t even let me my son online.She convinced the University not to give me the release letter so, I couldn’twork in China to fight for my rights as a father to get my son back.


  6. quoter said

    yes we are w_thames_the_d! we have been like that hundreds of years ago. the chinese are now what we condemned after the second world war. it’s still inside us. the chinese want to see only the weaknesses of the people not the good, cause they have no concept of development and moral and are inferior, weak people wat to to deal with weaknesses.. they want the world to come down to their own low evolutionary level. we europeans and americans are the light of this world. but we have that merciless gene inside us that conquered this world. greetings to the Spaniards, French,, English, Germans, Portuguese, Belgians, Russians, Americans etc.

    The chinese must be eradicated for trying to turn back civilization to 1000 BC. and i am sure, after syria comes iran and after iran comes China. Oh shit Iran is not the problem here. Noone wants a war with a nation like Iran. Instead, China has to be deleted from this world and it’s mediocre cancer products and lies and cheats.

    • I somewhat agree, but feel me on this one. Yes we are bad and capable of human rights violations, but once we do that our societal conscious kicks in and we repent and try to change. The Chinese, however, seem to lack a societal conscious. They do not seem to feel empathy and refuse to recognize the evil they have done and try to change it. You lived here so you know that they feel no compassion for anyone but family, if that. They seem incapable to think like rational beings.

      • Oregano said

        i totally agree with you: “but once we do that our societal conscious kicks in and we repent and try to change. The Chinese, however, seem to lack a societal conscious. They do not seem to feel empathy and refuse to recognize the evil they have done and try to change it. You lived here so you know that they feel no compassion for anyone but family, if that. They seem incapable to think like rational beings.” yes chinese are really like that.

      • Quoter said

        they try to turn their weakness and inferiority into strength. and THAT is the problem. they should shut their stinkin’ mouth and listen. Why is the world so enraged about the chinese and not about Indians and others? Cuz the chinese talk big but there is nothing behind it. An ape should not try to teach the world about style. It’s ridiculous.

  7. Oregano said

    china is the greatest threat to humanity and civilization the world has ever seen. china is a threat to this world. china will cause a nuclear 3rd world war. we have to kill all chinese on this planet for the sake of world peace and for our white race, before it is too late.1000 million chinese must and will die (they will catch a cold; mark my words) to save the world. I am a 10th degree mason.

  8. Quoter said


  9. Quoter said

    i totally agree with you: “but once we do that our societal conscious kicks in and we repent and try to change. The Chinese, however, seem to lack a societal conscious. They do not seem to feel empathy and refuse to recognize the evil they have done and try to change it. You lived here so you know that they feel no compassion for anyone but family, if that. They seem incapable to think like rational beings.”

    yes chinese are really like that. they do not think like human beings. instead, they pervert humanity and morale, and they enjoy it..

    newcomers: you better listen to us people who lived in that stinkhole called china for years. don’t be fooled by dry ktv chinese vaginas, haha.

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