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China Disappearing Bloggers

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 19, 2013

The Communists are having a rough go of it. The economy is shrinking, Bo Xilai, who is in jail is more
Popular than Xi Jinping, the communist party head and president, and college grads
Cannot find work. In light of all those problems, the communists do what they do best- they attack.

Their modus operandi is to make scape goats and then unleash the dominant ‘swarm and exterminate’
gene, which people living in China possess. As such, the communists have created an enemy in all those
who blog the truth.

The following excerpt explains how and why this is done.

“Murong, whose real name is Hao Qun, is among those whose microblog accounts have

been silenced in recent months. Over the past two weeks, Internet censors have called

microbloggers to meetings and state media have accused some of undermining socialism

and promoting Western values through lies and negative news.

It is a development that dims hopes China’s new Communist Party leadership

under Xi Jinping will tolerate more freewheeling discussion on the Internet and in the official media.

Many of the online personalities call attention to social injustices and question

government policies. Some are advocates for democracy, freedom of speech

and human rights, and others are radicals who believe China has strayed from its

communist roots.


shopping mall using their tablet computer and smartphone in Beijing, …

Popular microbloggers, including real estate mogul Pan Shiyi, who

helped force new government air quality standards through his campaign

of posting daily pollution indexes, were asked at a meeting in Beijing to agree to

seven standards: obey the law, uphold the socialist system, guard the national interest,

protect individual rights, keep social order, respect morals and ensure factuality.”



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What China’s Net Goons Censor

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 19, 2013

Excerpt”China’s censors use much time and money restricting Internet speech. Consider this summary of directives government officials in Beijing sent to Hunan Province in June 2011 (it was leaked five months later):

All websites should conscientiously grasp the relevant principles and use them to purge any material that:

1) blackens the image of Party and state leaders or obfuscates the great historical achievements of the Party;

2) attacks our system or advocates the Western democratic system;

3) incites illegal assembly, petitioning, or “rights support” activity that harms social stability;

4) uses price rises, corruption cases, or other controversial events to spread rumors and incite hatred of officials, of police, or of the wealthy that could lead to activity offline;

5) incites ethnic hatred [of Han Chinese] that harms national unity;

6) attacks the Party’s systems of managing the media and the Internet by using the slanderous claim that we limit free speech.”



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