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What China’s Net Goons Censor

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 19, 2013

Excerpt”China’s censors use much time and money restricting Internet speech. Consider this summary of directives government officials in Beijing sent to Hunan Province in June 2011 (it was leaked five months later):

All websites should conscientiously grasp the relevant principles and use them to purge any material that:

1) blackens the image of Party and state leaders or obfuscates the great historical achievements of the Party;

2) attacks our system or advocates the Western democratic system;

3) incites illegal assembly, petitioning, or “rights support” activity that harms social stability;

4) uses price rises, corruption cases, or other controversial events to spread rumors and incite hatred of officials, of police, or of the wealthy that could lead to activity offline;

5) incites ethnic hatred [of Han Chinese] that harms national unity;

6) attacks the Party’s systems of managing the media and the Internet by using the slanderous claim that we limit free speech.”



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