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China Exporting Thieves

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 20, 2013

China is the king of exports. It specializes in shipping out everything from knockoff toothpaste and cigarettes, to cancerous dry wall and poison pet food.Its most recent addition to this list, however, is communist party thieves and their kids.

This way of exports is being hailed as ‘blood immigrants’, or people such as Bo Gugau, who are the offspring of convicted murderers and thieves who now have relocated to civilization. In the excerpt below, we see the case of another Chinese thief who has made off with $80 million civilized dollars and now lives in Canada.

The good news is that she will now get citizenship and her offspring, who share the same diseased DNA, will now be citizens of our countries.

“China’s Insurance Regulatory Commission is investigating the unauthorized sale of fixed-income financial agreements by the Shanghai Fanxin Insurance Agency Co.

Chen Yi, Fanxin’s general manager, is said to have fled to Canada with 500 million yuan (US$82 million) of the company’s funds. If true, this would be the biggest such fraud committed by a company manager in China’s history.”



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