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China’s Communists Go Postal- Violent Video of Forced Demolition Go Viral

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 22, 2013

The Chinese are great at killing each other, just read about the rise of the communist party.

The video below shows another trait of the people from China, they will do anything to make a buck. The vid focuses on forced evictions, which are a common way for communists to make money. They evict the tenants, steal the land and sell it. In the process, thousands are killed, but who cares, China has spares, right?

Te good news is that 80% of all Chinese billionaires and millionaires are in ‘real estate’ aka forced eviction and land theft, and this same amount are party officials or their kids. This means that your new Chinese neighbors are using blood money to purchase that three bedroom tudor home.

Violent Video of Forced Demolition Go Viral

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