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China’s Looming Ecological Disaster- Farming in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 22, 2013

China has serious challenges vis a vis pollution and ecological damage. The air and water have been polluted so badly that neither is safe to consume in most Chinese cities. Lax enforcement of laws and a less than useful regulatory environment spell disaster for China if nothing is done.

Consider the following:
1- China has less than half the per person global average of arable farm land and 25% that of OECD countries.

2- China is losing is arable land due to urban sprawl and industry. From the ten year period ending in 2008, China lost 6% of its arable land.

3-The US has six times more arable land than China and 25% its population.

4- At least 20% of China’s land is polluted.

5- 40% of the land has been degraded by contaminants of some sort.

6- Cadmium poisoning in rice is common with 10% polluted nation-wide. Sixty percent of southern China’s rice is polluted as well.

For more information go here


Here is a pic of what ‘daylight’ looks like in polluted Beijing.

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