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China’s Wechat-Censoring for the Communists

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 22, 2013

China has a whatsapp clone called wechat. The Chinese love it for they can send voice messages for free. For those of us in civilization that does not matter as we have text and data plans. Wechat is also a favorite of the communists because it blocks out or censors sensitive words. Unfortunately this practice is pretty much universal for most Chinese firms anyway.

Here is a snippet which proves how China’s wechat blocks free speech.


January, news sites TechInAsia and NextWeb found through multiple tests that WeChat had been blocking users across the globe from sending messages that contain ‘sensitive words,’ such as “Southern Weekend,” a liberal publication constantly subjected to censorship, and “Falun Gong,” a spiritual movement that turned hostile toward Communist rule after being labeled as a cult and banned in China. It was a public relations crisis for WeChat.

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