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Chinese Women Kidnapping Western Babies?

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 22, 2013

Interesting and sad comments by two commenters on the blog. Both have allegedly had their baby’s stolen by Chinese women/ex wives.

I have heard a lot about Chinese getting pregnant and then claiming child support from multiple westerners, as well as women having a half white baby in order to get ‘face’. These stories tell a much more sad tale.

Remember to give me your real email in the comment name section, but not the comment body, if you want a reply.

Incident 1

I’ve lived in China with my chinese wife for almost 9 years. I have a daughter with her. She was constantly abusing me and my daughter. Enforcing us to eat chinese food (even so i am great in cooking italian food) at all times and never allowed me to speak with my daughter in my native language (Italian). She said that in China people speak chinese and nothing else and our daughter has to become a chinese. Her family treated me like a second class insect and openly insulted me many times and my good will when I cooked for them, saying that is doesn’t taste chinese and they ruined my dishes with that chinese spicy red Lazi.

at one point I confronted her and told her that her behaviour is not correct. I wanted to speak it out and to solve it by discussions and being aware of different of cultural differences I used kind words. she did not answer any of my questions. she didn’t look at into my eyes.

a week later she kidnapped my daughter. Her family told me that i am a stupid foreigner and “bad man” and I can never see my daughter again. The hate i encountered was incredible. And I have always treat them with respect and understanding.

I haven’t seen my daughter since 5 months. She disappeared with her and she took all of my money in China from my bank account. I filed a protest to the chinese police and noone cares about my situation. The chinese judge even denied to speak with the italian assistant of the ambassador in beijing, saying that this is china and that he is not obligated to talk with the embassy.

i WILL try to locate my daughter by any means.

Incident 2

I have been married to a chinese wife for 6 years. I have a daughter and a son with her. she kidnapped my kids 1 year ago and I am desperate. I didn’t see them since then. She is hiding somewhere in China and the police won’t help me to locate them. I went through different courts in China and noone cares about this crime. Because I am a foreigner so they say and therefore I have no rights in China.

they let me pay me dinners for them and let me pay, promising that they would give me my rights but at the ened they didn’t take my phone. This is so incredible.

what breaks my heart is that my ex-wife in china is earning money with the pictures of my kids. She sold their pictures to a magazine with a title “Beautiful mixed kids in China who are deeply chinese in mind. Proudly China.” in Dalian. Without my agreement and while hiding them from me! I can’t do anything against that. I don’t WANT my kids pics in a magazine!!!!!!!! I filed countless complaints to courts in China but it seems that they just want to get paid before doing their duty? I am acting according to chinese law and I can’t see my kids and can’t find them even so the chinese court and police know where they are.

My chinese wife prostituted herself in hotels for years. She slept with rich chinese for money and increased her “price” by saying that she is married to a white foreigner. This broke my heart. She has lied to me. But I try to keep a clear head to get my kids in and out of China and to offer them a good future in Europe as a loving father that I am and always was- Not so her. She treated them always like commodities. I don’t want them to be near her.

And i showed them, the chinese judges and police officers and government officials, evidence (pictures, skype records etc) which I have gathered through a private detective i payed and explained that such a woman cannot take care of my kids and I want the full, sole custody for my daughter and son i love so much.

I am now writing to the U.N. even so I am quite sure that they can’t help me. I am writing to the foreign ministry and president of my country in Europe to help. I don’t know what else to do. If anyone is reading this please contact me if you can help.Please help if you can and if you are a lawyer in China.

Her name is ZX and she is from Dalian. She prostitutes herself in hotel who are frequently visited by foreign guests. She has black-brown coloured hair and always wears high-heels and make-up and a lot of jewelry. she often calls herself “Cindy”. Her english name.


4 Responses to “Chinese Women Kidnapping Western Babies?”

  1. Romano said

    please help me. i cry every day. please help me. and send an email to me 😦 i miss my kids so much :-((((((((( why there is no humanity in chinese womn? why they do this to us? why so much hate and so less human behaviour from chinese people?……………


    (I speak english)

  2. Romano said

    i miss my kid, my daughter but china treats me like a subhuman with no rights. but THEY act like subhumans and they are. i am so sad

  3. Me said

    I’m calling Shenanigans on these two.

  4. Romano said

    Shenanigans is an american expression for “lies”? I can assure you: you are wrong and anything i said is true. It’s all very bad for me. Perhaps you cannot understand my current situation in China.

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