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Beijing Restaurant Serves Up Bloody Cotton Balls

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 28, 2013

Wy is it that most of the horror stories about food and restaurants come from China? In this grisly tale we hear that a used and bloody cotton balls fell into a hot pot dinner and the Chinese employees did not even try to remove them nor throw out the stew.


Taiwan’s international image has recently been tarnished after pieces of dirty cotton were found in the broth of a Xiabu Xiabu hot pot branch in Beijing.

He Kuang-chi, founder of the Taiwanese hot pot chain, vowed to restore customer confidence and get to the bottom of the incident where pieces of cotton were found in a mutton hot pot served to a customer.

“That is very strange! It is very unlikely that there were objects in the mutton when we slice it. Even if there were, they should have been removed right away,” said He when questioned about the incident.

A female customer surnamed Li was enjoying her mutton hot pot on Aug. 23, when she chewed on something unfamiliar, according to local media reports.

“It did not feel right. It did not taste like meat. It felt like a piece of paper,” said Li.


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