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Chinese Emigrants and Blood Money- China Bleeding Stolen Cash

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 30, 2013

The communists in China have a lot of power. With that power they do things like force girls into prostitution, sell babies and land. Oftentimes the stolen land leads to the death of the original occupants- as recently happened when. 4 year old was killed by the owned thugs of a commie.

Wen the communists get the land, they re sell it and make a ton. That money is then transferred overseas with their awful offspring, she-bitch wives, and concubines. Those people then try to convince the rest of us that they too are just like us, which is a stretch. After all, how many of our fathers and grandfathers have murdered our neighbors and or family members and mote often than not, feasted on their corpses. Of course few if any of us have such family tales, but it is not uncommon for the Chinese. During the cultural revolution they killed an average of 1 million of each other per year for ten years. In addition. Cannibalism was not uncommon either. Thus, humans and Chinese have little if anything in common when talking about the exploits of dear old dad, and grandpa Joe.

In any event, the Chinese are pilfering more land than ever and using that money to escape and live with the rest of us. Consider the following as you wave at your mysterious new Chinese neighbor, or classmate.

Land grabs which often lead to death of their occupants are how 90% of commies in general and 90% of all Chinese million and billionaires got their cash. The term ‘blood immigration’ is no where more appropriate than in China, Cina’s latest immigrants are leaving blood trails across our land….

From the Epoch Times…

Vancouver is often identified as a haven for high-ranking Chinese Communist Party officials seeking an overseas location to move their families. In the western Canadian metropolis, about 20 percent of its population now consists of people originally from China, according to a report by Japan’s Asahi Shimbun in late 2012.

Real estate agents say that across Europe, China’s rich are snapping up a more diverse range of prime, high-end properties, including French vineyards, houses in medieval villages in Italy, and luxury beach houses in Spain, according to Xinhua.

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Over Half of China’s Water Sources Polluted

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 30, 2013

Here is why the Chinese are so desperate to get out of China….

From chinaelobby.com

Over half of city water sources in Communist China are polluted: In Beijing, the situation is particularly bad, all five sources of water have pollutants “exceeding established safety limits” (Epoch Times), but over 200 other cities and towns have water so polluted that Liu Li, an expert from the University of Central Missouri, dubbed them “cancer villages.”

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Article: Four-year-old killed by bulldozer in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on August 30, 2013

Four-year-old killed by bulldozer in China

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