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Chinese Driving/ Intelligence/Training/Logic

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 30, 2013

This pic basically exemplifies: Chinese Driving/ Intelligence/Training/Logic

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Chinese ‘History’= More Absurd Lies

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 30, 2013


A history of China., [3d ed. rev. and enl.]
by Wolfram Eberhard

“Until recently we were dependent for the beginnings of Chinese history on the written Chinese tradition. According to these sources China’s history began either about 4000 B.C. or about 2700 B.C. with a succession of wise emperors who “invented” the elements of a civilization, such as clothing, the preparation of food, marriage, and a state system; they instructed their people in these things, and so brought China, as early as in the third millennium B.C., to an astonishingly high cultural level. However, all we know of the origin of civilizations makes this of itself entirely improbable; no other civilization in the world originated in any such way. As time went on, Chinese historians found more and more to say about primeval times. All these narratives were collected in the great imperial history that appeared at the beginning of the Manchu epoch. That book was translated into French, and all the works written in Western languages until recent years on Chinese history and civilization have been based in the last resort on that translation.”

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Selling Out to Beijing

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 30, 2013

A series of twelve photos by a well-known German photographer was planned to be part of a German-Chinese group exhibition; after the Chinese censor intervened, only two of the photos remained. And that interference was accepted by the curators as well as the German artist. During Pasternak’s day such obstruction required intrigue, secret service plots, and pressure applied by various delegations. Today German business leaders are simply blinded by their financial statements, to the point where they’re willing to look the other way when it comes to human rights violations. Even some German writers are blinded by Chinese flattery.

For a Song and a Hundred Songs: A Poet’s Journey Through a Chinese Prison by Liao Yiwu

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China Further Mangles the Semi-Free Press

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 30, 2013

China is about as useful as a toothbrush to Chairman Mao.


The ruling follows a government campaign to curb “online rumors”, as the government tries to rein in social media.

The State Internet Information Office said that some of the news applications carried “pornography and obscene information and harm the physical and mental health of youngsters”, and others published false information.

Some mobile news applications also provide a channel for subscribers in China to read articles published by foreign media outlets whose articles have been blocked in China, such as the New York Times.

Mobile news applications identified include Zaker, which said it had more than 17.5 million users at the end of April, and Chouti whose slogan is: “Publish all that should not be published.”


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Photos and (Dis) Service in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 29, 2013

China invented bombs, death by 1000 cuts and infanticide as long as 5000 years ago, but have still failed to master the fine art of customer service.

Here is my story.

I went to get some pics taken and dreamer that I am, chanced that out of 1,300,000,000 Chinese, I could find one with a brain. Tucking this belief under my skull, I strode purposefully towards the nearest photo taking establishment.

Snaking past globs of falling phlegm, flicked boogers and stroll/stumbling Chinese, I quickly spied salvation and entered the store. The deaf mute behind the counter stared at me carp mouth agape showing me her omni colored orthodontia.

In my best mandarin, ‘ two pics’ I quoth.

Gaping mouth of she-ghoul flap up and down.

I use my hands, mimic taking a pic and again say, ‘zhao pian’.

The front and lowermost hole in her head spewed out a noxious mix of mandar-mush. ‘Squak, squeak, spew spew, shriek, shriek’ quoth the she-goat.

She then motioned to the Scramsung screen and asked which size I wanted. Dangling curlie q’s of fingers jabbed neurotically at the screen.

‘Which one’s you want?’ The she-beast hollered. ‘A or B?’

After giving my junk a good scratching, I sucked air through my teeth and shrugged, ‘ wo wu so way’ – I don’t care. ‘ Give me both sets’.

Chinese intelligence being what it is, she was stumped. Apparently communist education does not allow for such a reply to an either/or question.

The clogged neurons encapsulating her brain housing unit ground to a halt.

We had a Mexican standoff. Me with a handful of dead Mao’s in hand and her with shit on the brain.

Figuring that if a horse can be taught to count to three, than this crude beast could follow simple logic, I plowed forward once more.

In passable Mandar-gunk I said the following.

‘ you said I have two options, right?’ And waved two separate pieces of paper to punctuate the question.

Eyes rolled back in her skull then like a bobble head doll, once again found their way into a trance like state of reality. ‘Dui- yes’ she croaked.

After relishing in the mental orgasm that success was soon to be mine, I continued,’ and you said A and B are different , right?’

Idiot head shake, meaning yes.

‘ I want A’ i pause like an expectant father, ‘ and B’. I want both’

After succumbing to an aneurism, she half-face muttered mandar-mush in staccato bursts reminiscent of Japanese gunfire at Nanjing, back in the day.

Dodging her oral stupidity, I shrugged. Then in my usual patient tone and glare, I showed her once more I wanted both. Size A and size B.

Once agin she mangled some ancient Chinese dialect and howled like a hyena. Once again it did not compute. How could I possibly want two different sizes? Nobody in their right mind would want such a thing.

With monster like claws she then banged on her Srany keyboard and translated her question. Turning the screen she pointed at the results, ‘you are want, horse chick, and or monkey brains,’ said the top shelf Chinese translation ware.

Once again I mimed two pics, two sizes and my need and then quickly discerned leaping from the window would have been less painful at this point, but realizing I was on the first floor decided that too would be useless.

With my best Manson-like grin, I barely controlled myself and said once again I needed both pics, different sizes and all.

After that I was whisked to a dust riddled part of Guangzho where a woman delivered her family pride and joy, gnawed the umbilical chord free with her teeth then focused on me and snapped off a quick pic.

Thirty painful minutes later I was presented with the fruit of Chinese labor.

Four pics ALL THE SAME SIZE. No option A and option B, but some other choice.

I have lived here to be beyond feeling surprised at such Chinese quality and as a matter of fact, I’d of been more astonished if she had given me the right pictures than to have found carrots growing out of my ass. China is to customer service as Chernobyl is to ecology.

My suggestion:
These people need to be bundled up and shipped off to another planet.

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Malaysian Teacher Tells Chinese to go Home

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 29, 2013

People from China can suck, but this is messed up. A teacher in Malaysia told ethnic Chinese to go home. The kids are Malaysian so that is kind of messed up.


In what sounds like a repeat of recent incidents, a teacher in a secondary school in Semenyih, Selangor, is alleged to have told students refusing to sing and respect the national anthem to “go back to India (or) China”.

According to Sin Chew Daily, the assistant principal of SMK Engku Husain said during the afternoon session weekly assembly on Sept 23 that the students could “go back” if they did not like Malaysia.

The daily reported that the school was already investigating the matter, which came to the principal’s attention when ethnic Chinese students posted about it on their Facebook pages.

Principal Abdul Ghafar Kunchi Mohd (right) told Sin Chew that the students, some of whom do not understand Bahasa Malaysia well, had been advised, warned and even caned for not singing or respecting the ‘Negaraku’, but to no avail.

Assistant principal to be told to explain

Ghafar said this could have been the reason the assistant principal had lost patience and uttered those remarks, but he would ask her to explain when she returns from a course tomorrow.

“However, whether Malay, Chinese or Indian, everyone is Malaysian. This remark should not have been uttered. Therefore I will ask the assistant principal to apologise to students at the assembly,” he was quoted as saying.

Full article: http://www.malaysia-chronicle.com/index.php?option=com_k2&view=item&id=166541:who-teaches-the-teachers?-another-teacher-tells-students-to-balik-cina-india&Itemid=2#ixzz2gFpAV0iX
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Crazy Chinese Study in the USA and Kill Each Other

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 28, 2013

Chinese are leaving hell and joining the rest of, the problem is that they are Chinese and act accordingly. Sure they still hawk up phlegm, act like insecure roof gnomes and get in the way, but that is the positive side of having them here.

The negative side is that most things from China are toxic, including the people. Those rich enough to study overseas come from the communist filth Mao promoted, back in the day. What Mao had done was to jail the brilliant and promote treacherous idiots to positions of power. After all, these morons rarely need reeducated, because simpletons are so easy to brainwash. Bright people, however, are a tougher nut to crack.

As I said, those ignorant savages that Mao embraced have offspring which now has money. Tat offspring wants to move to civilized countries and leave the filth their parents created. When they come here, they show their true colors, which often means that they kill. A while ago a Chinese student got into a car mom and pop chciom had bought for him and ran into a car of four women killing or crippling the occupants. Aside from this, a guy at the U of Iowa kidnapped and raped a woman. Hell, even in Beijing four or five Americans were killed last year. The Chinese are toxic.
Here ks a story about a he chicom who killed a she chicom…


The woman who was stabbed to death Friday at her Urbana apartment has been identified as a 25-year-old University of Illinois student from China, officials say.

The Champaign County Coroner identified the woman in a release as Mengchen Huang, of the 1300 block of North Lincoln Avenue in Urbana, a student at the University of Illinois and a foreign national from China. She was pronounced dead at 11:50 a.m. Friday at her Urbana home. The coroner said her death is being investigated as a homicide.

A University of Illinois doctoral student from China is facing charges in the woman’s death, authorities said. Yongfei Ci, 29, appear Saturday morning in Champaign County Court in connection with the stabbing death of the woman, according to police and jail records, and, his bail was set at $10 million.

Police were called to the Lincoln Avenue address just before 11 a.m. Friday when a woman called 911 to report her roommate had been killed by an ex-boyfriend, police said in a news release. Police found the woman dead in the apartment.

The roommate told police the ex-boyfriend had forced his way into the apartment and held the two women against their will, police said. The roommate was locked in the bathroom, and she fled the apartment after the boyfriend left.

Police were able to identify a suspect and use his cellphone to locate him, as U. of I. police sent out an alert identifying Ci. He contacted police and told them he would surrender, according to the release.

Police went to a motel where they had determined Ci was and arrested him.

A webpage identified as Ci’s on the University of Illinois Mathematics Department’s website indicates he is a sixth-year doctoral student in Mathematics, and a Chinese citizen.

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Quality Chinese Construction

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 28, 2013

China’s roads are new but they are falling apart. Just like all things Chinese, they look good but are deadly to use and poor quality.

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Signs That Your Chinese Partner is Scamming You

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 28, 2013

Great post about warning signs from treacherous Chinese suppliers. The reality is that if you work with Chinese, then they are cheating you.


  • Unfamiliarity with your product’s application
  • Limited details or unwillingness to provide information on the project in which the materials will be applied or the end user
  • Discrepancies on business cards that cannot be clarified
  • Incomplete information on the purpose of the ‘fees’ outlined in the contract
  • Inability to specifically explain the regulations or government entities that are allegedly imposing certain fees
  • Offers to sell certain internal government information or sensitive commercial information
  • Rented cell phones
  • Location of office space in residential areas
  • Less than one year of operation history with very young leadership
  • Insistence on paying for a banquet in cash to the Chinese entity prior to concluding contract
  • Cash requested for cost of hosting a banquet is far in excess of typical costs. [While banquets are a traditional business activity, the U.S. entity can arrange for a banquet through their hotel. While costs vary, a nice event for $10 at a local restaurant (non-western hotel) might run $200]
  • Unusually large product volume or urgency to purchase
  • Insistence that the contract is only legitimate if signed in China
  • Requests for an invitation letter to visit the U.S. facility prior to any substantive communication about purchase terms or exchange of company background information
  • Insistence upon attending a banquet prior to concluding a contract later in the evening[referring to getting the foreigner intoxicated in an effort to finalize contract terms more favorable to the Chinese buyer]

For more red flag indicators, click here

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China Making Due Diligence Illegal

Posted by w_thames_the_d on September 28, 2013

China is now jailing people for reporting on fraudulent Chinese companies.


On the afternoon of Dec. 28, Huang Kun was about to board a flight to Hong Kong when his Canadian passport was flagged by officials at Beijing’s International Airport, and he was taken into custody by Chinese police.

It was the beginning of a prolonged and often frightening ordeal for Mr. Huang that has landed the 35-year-old from British Columbia in a Chinese jail – sharing a one-bed cell with 20 other men. He is expected to soon face charges of criminally defaming a Vancouver-based mining company calledSilvercorp Metals Inc.

Mr. Huang knew when he went to the airport that day that police in the city of Luoyang, where Silvercorp’s flagship mining operations are located, had arrested and interrogated two associates of his. The men had helped him prepare a scathing research report that, when its allegations were published, sent Silvercorp’s share price tumbling 20 per cent in one day on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

What he didn’t know was that in the wake of a series of scandals involving Chinese companies listed on North American stock exchanges, authorities in China had decided to push back hard against those attacking the credibility of Chinese firms. Many of these critics had made small fortunes by “shorting” the stocks of those firms, essentially betting that their share prices would fall once the new information was revealed. Mr. Huang worked for one of those short-sellers.

In this case, documents obtained by The Globe and Mail may suggest that Silvercorp and its executives were working in concert with local authorities, and helping to pay for the investigation against Mr. Huang and his associates. Legal experts say Silvercorp’s alleged actions may be in violation of both Chinese and Canadian law.


Excerpt 2

By Alexandra Harney

SHANGHAI, July 31 (Reuters) – The detention by Chinese authorities of a British corporate investigator and his American wife in the wake of a corruption probe into pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline has had a chilling effect on other risk consultants working in China.

It’s unclear why Peter Humphrey and Yu Yingzeng, whose firm ChinaWhys has done work for GSK and other drugmakers, were detained. But corporate investigators said they were concerned about the repercussions for the industry.

Multinationals, banks and investors rely on corporate investigators for information about potential partners and investments in China, where a lack of transparency is a hurdle to doing business. Restrictions in the flow of such background information could potentially leave foreign investors exposed to greater risk in the world’s second-largest economy.

ChinaWhys offers “discreet risk mitigation solutions, internal process audits, due diligence and commercial investigation services”, according to the firm’s website.

“(Humphrey’s) detention is really disturbing. It gives me an uneasy feeling that people who, on the face of it, are trying to help companies and individuals navigate their way around the system are being targeted,” said Gary Miller, litigation partner and head of the fraud group at London law firm Mishcon de Reya.

Mike Vermillion, senior director of third party risk management solutions at Oregon-based consultancy Navex Global, called the detentions chilling.

“I am certainly not getting on a plane to China next week,” Vermillion said.

Two sources with direct knowledge of the matter have said Humphrey and Yu were detained by Chinese authorities in Shanghai on July 10. They did not specify who was holding the couple.

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